Why IDK Should Be Your Next Date Destination

January 13, 2020

Written by AVLCI

Looking for the perfect place to take your date is almost as difficult as asking them out. There are just too many factors to think about and to consider… Is the food good enough? Is the ambience romantic? Is the service top-notch?

Thankfully, we know just the right restaurant in Tagaytay suited for all of you, lovebirds! Celebrate love and take your date to our hugot headquarters along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road – IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain.!



Here are just some of the many reasons why IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain. should be your next date destination!

1. Variety of dishes

Although IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain. takes pride the most in their Filipino dishes, they also feature a bit of Italian and American cuisines, with offers ranging from pastas and pizzas to burgers and clubhouse sandwiches! Take your date on an all-around-the-world food trip, bite after bite! Impressive, right?

2. Variety of beverages

The drinks you choose on a date help set the mood of the entire evening. At IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain., you can keep it fun and sweet with their fruit shakes, have a chitchat over a cup of coffee or tea, be all fancy with a glass of wine, or take a trip on the wild side with your choice of liquor. Whatever you choose, we assure you that your date would be one for the books. Cheers!

3. Their amazing crew

If there is a group of people IDK owes everything to, they are the wonderful crew you can always count on to serve you passionately. From crafting your meals and serving your orders, to attending to all your needs, they do all of them with love and with a smile. You could even ask them to be your secret partners-in-crime if you want to plan a surprise for your date! They would really make your dining experience at IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain. worth remembering!

4. The famous hugot wall

You can never leave IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain. without taking a picture or writing your and your date’s names on IDK’s famous hugot wall! Don’t forget to tag IDK on Facebook and Instagram, @idk.inom.drama.kain, so your virtual souvenirs can be reposted and share the love.

5. Dining with a view

The best thing about IDK. Inom. Drama. Kain.? Your dining experience will be taken to a whole new level with the breathtaking view of the Tagaytay highlands! Aside from having a wonderful spot where you can take Instagram-worthy pictures, you and your date can also try to catch the sunrise or the sunset at the comfort of our balconies. Talk about romantic, right?

We believe we just checked all the items you need to consider in finding the perfect date venue. Remember, you do not need to look too far when you want to take your date on a romantic and memorable adventure. Sometimes, all it takes is just a short road trip to Tagaytay.

Will we be seeing you soon, lovebirds?



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