About Astoria Hotels and Resorts

Experience homegrown hospitality

Upon opening its doors in 2001, Astoria Plaza pioneered the unique concept of having privately-owned residences located within a deluxe hotel under one property name. After a decade of exceptional hotel service, we opened Astoria Boracay — our first foray into resort development and operations. The success of these two properties led to what is now known as Astoria Hotels and Resorts (AHR).

What followed next were six years of rapid growth and development of the AHR brand, starting with the launch of Astoria Bohol in 2012 and events venue Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria in 2013. The following year, we introduced our eco-friendly resort Astoria Palawan and first Japanese restaurant Minami Saki By Astoria. Led by the late legendary Executive Chef, Kimito Katagiri, we treated diners to a more authentic and unique Japanese dining experience within Astoria Plaza.

By 2015, we had launched two new properties in partnership with Atelier Almario for interior design and Gallego & Associates for architecture: Astoria Greenbelt in Makati and Astoria Current in Boracay.

In 2016, we opened our aquatic playground Palawan Waterpark by Astoria and second events hall Mangrove Conference & Convention Center By Astoria, both in Puerto Princesa.

But we did not stop there! We also added to our portfolio the homey Stellar Pansol in Laguna in 2018, as well as our staycation haven Stellar Potter’s Ridge in Metro Tagaytay and Astoria Bohol Lantawan Villas in Baclayon in 2019.

Despite the hit of COVID-19, we also launched Palawan Waterpark Inflata-Fun by Astoria in 2021.

With or without a pandemic, every AVLCI member may expect the best from Astoria Hotels and Resorts, as we stay true to our promise of providing luxe retreats, incomparable hospitality, and spectacular destinations.

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