Valentine’s Day 2022: A Guide for Every Type of Couple

February 14, 2022

Written by AVLCI

Ti amo. Saranghae. Wo ai ni. Aisheteru. Je t’aime. I love you.

There may be different languages to profess your feelings to your sweetheart, but one thing is true: love remains powerful and meaningful as fast as Valentine’s Day is approaching. To help you plan for the big day, we have prepared a list of things that you and your loved one can try to make your celebration even more romantic!

1.) The Chill Couple: Staycation and Netflix

Get ready to wear your comfiest outfit! If you and your partner simply want to unwind and experience the comforts of home without leaving the city, then having a relaxing staycation while lounging and binge-watching your favorite movies on Netflix is surely the perfect mix! An AVLCI member? Great news! You are entitled to a 15% discount when you book at Astoria Plaza, our hotel in Ortigas Pasig, outside of your holiday week. Don’t forget to bring some chips and dip, too, to make your stay even more delicious!

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2.) The Power Couple: Exquisite Japanese Cuisine

Teamwork makes the dream work! For the power couples who always put their careers first and who consistently unlock one achievement after the other, indulging in Minami Saki’s authentic Japanese cuisine is the best way to celebrate your love and sweet success! From tasty sushi creations to mouthwatering teppanyaki dishes, it is no surprise that most pairs gravitate towards our culinary masterpieces when choosing what to treat themselves with on a date! Just head on over to to order!


3.) The Childhood Sweethearts: Filipino Classics and Favorites

Dating your best friend? We have you covered with Astoria Gourmet Take-aways’ finest gourmet dishes and classic delicacies! Moments will become even more memorable when you spend time with your childhood love indulging in Astoria Bibingka, Cassava Cake, Misa De Gallo Favorites, Trio Bilao, and Astoria Triple Bibingcake, just to name a few! Visit to shop. Cheers to more years of love and happiness together!


4.) The Adventurous Couple: Tropical Holiday at Astoria Current

Carpe diem! Some couples express their love and romance by diving into exhilarating adventures together. At Astoria Current, you and your significant other will never run out of fun activities to do. Grab your camera and live every moment to the fullest by lounging by the beach all day, trying out exciting water activities, and taking a dip in our pictorial-forward pools!


More exciting offers and benefits come with being a member of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc., the leading vacation club in the country. Unlike other timeshare companies that do nothing but make money out of timeshare frauds and scams, AVLCI believes that all members deserve the best and must be treated like kings and queens, especially during special events such as Valentine’s Day.

To avoid Valentine’s Day woes and to prove that the so-called Astoria scam is nothing but a big lie, send us a message here: We can’t wait for you to experience the full benefits of an AVLCI membership!

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day!


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