Q: What are the important contact details I should take note of?

A: They are as follows:

Premium Member Services Department
Email: premium.member@avlci.com
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111 and press 2
Mobile (Smart): (+63) 920-978-2986 and (+63) 949-994-8913
Viber and WhatsApp: (+63) 949-994-8913

Member Services Department (Astoria Plaza and Astoria Palawan Members)
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111 and press 1
Mobile (Globe): (+63) 917-531-8574 and (+63) 917-545-9683
Mobile (Smart): (+63) 908-872-7893 and (+63) 919-911-3961
Viber: (+63) 919-911-3959
WhatsApp: (+63) 908-872-7952

Credit and Collection Department
Email: collectionmain@avlci.com and creditdeluxe@avlci.com
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111 and (+63 2) 8687-1111
Locals: 8768, 8770, 8772, and 8773
Direct line: (+63 2) 8634-6914
Mobile (Globe): (+63) 917-599-5064
Mobile (Smart): (+63) 918-448-1798 and (+63) 939-335-6294
Viber and WhatsApp: (+63) 927-227-3058, (+63) 961-176-5557, and (+63) 999-885-9783

Accounting Department
Email: accounting@avlci.com
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111
Local: 8794
Mobile (Smart): (+63) 908-872-8022

Q: What are the privileges of AVLCI members?

A: As an AVLCI member, you get up to 1 holiday week per year which you can avail of at different Astoria properties in the country or at 4,200 affiliated resorts in over 110 countries worldwide through RCI. You are eligible for exclusive promos and discounts, as well as 15% off on top of the lowest available rate on our websites when reserving a room outside of your holiday week. In addition, you can also enjoy 15% discount on food and beverage, 10% discount on banquet, and 15% discount on luxurious spa treatments at any of Astoria Hotels and Resorts’ outlets

Q: Where can I use my holiday week?

A: You can use your holiday week at Astoria Plaza in Pasig City, Astoria Greenbelt in Makati City, Astoria Palawan in Puerto Princesa, Astoria Boracay and Astoria Current in Boracay, Astoria Bohol and Astoria Bohol Lantawan Villas in Baclayon, Stellar Potter’s Ridge in Metro Tagaytay, and Stellar Pansol in Laguna. Aside from these, you can also enjoy it at 4,200 affiliated resorts in over 110 countries worldwide through RCI.

Q: Is there a proper way to split my one-week entitlement?

A: Yes, there is a correct way to split your week entitlement. You can either:

  • Split it into three nights: Thursday (check-in) to Sunday (check-out); or
  • Split it into four nights: Sunday (check-in) to Thursday (check-out)

You may also use your week in one go: Sunday (check-in) to Sunday (check out).

A premium member may book at any Astoria Hotels and Resorts properties with no extra charge. Meanwhile, a regular member may book at his/her home resort with no extra charge or at other Astoria Hotels and Resorts properties with a minimal reservation fee of PHP 3,000 for a full week or PHP 1,500 per split week reservation.

Q: What are the correct check-in and check-out times?

A: The correct check-in time is 4:00 PM, while the correct check-out time is 11:00 AM. These are being observed and followed in all Astoria properties.

Q: When is the due date for settling the annual maintenance fee (AMF)?

A: You need to settle your AMF on or before December 1 of the previous year. The Credit and Collection Department sends the billing to all members every October, giving them ample time to prepare for the due date. Unsettled AMF may result to members being unable to enjoy the benefits of their membership.

Q: What is the conversion of rooms per property?

A: Here is the conversion matrix for you to see which type of room is available to the specific kind of membership you purchased, in case your room type is not available in the resort/hotel you intend to stay in.

Regular Membership


Premium Membership


Q: I am a One-Bedroom Suite regular member. If I want to book at other properties of Astoria Hotels & Resorts, what room type will I get?

A: As a One-Bedroom Suite member, if you book in your home resort (Astoria Palawan or Astoria Plaza), we will provide you with a One-Bedroom Suite good for 4 guests. For other properties, we will provide you with a studio room, which can accommodate 4 guests as well.

Q: What are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet rates in the properties?

A: Here are the rates quoted in Philippine Peso (PhP):


Q: Up to how many rooms can I avail of using my holiday entitlement?

A: A member is entitled to 1 room per booking. However, during lean season (July to September), we try to accommodate up to a maximum of 2 units per booking (subject to space availability). But please take note that the second unit is of lower category but can still occupy the same number of guests.

Q: How many rooms can I book using my discounted rate as a member?

A: A member can book a maximum of 3 rooms using his/her exclusive discount. Requests for more rooms will be referred to the Room Sales Department.

Q: What is the room rate discount for members?

A: Members are entitled to a 15% discount to be applied to the published rates on our websites.

Q: As a premium member, how can I book my holiday?

A: Simply contact us with the details of your holiday, including the intended dates of travel (give us at least 3 options), destination of choice, and the number of people traveling with you (specify the adults and children with their respective ages). We will be more than happy to assist you in checking the availability of your preferred hotel/resort and confirming your holiday.

Q: How far in advance do I have to book my holiday?

A: Because a vacation is a planned family activity, it is recommended that you book your holiday as far in advance as possible or at least three months prior to your preferred date. This is to give time for any obstacles that may be encountered in the booking process. Would you believe that there are some members who book a year in advance?

Q: Do we have access to Palawan Waterpark By Astoria?

A: When using your holiday entitlement at Astoria Palawan, regular members get one-time access, while premium members are entitled to unlimited access.

Q: Is the complimentary transfer given to premium members exclusive?

A: As premium members, you have the privilege to a one-time round-trip transfer during your week availment (split or full week, mini break, or gift certificate) at the different Astoria properties. The round-trip transfers are not exclusive, meaning you will be joined by other members or guests.

Q: Have you received any awards since you started operating?

A: AVLCI has been an RCI President’s Club awardee from 2012 to 2023. This is presented annually to RCI’s top performing affiliates around the world. It recognizes the excellent resorts that share a commitment to transform the vacation experience. Furthermore, Astoria Plaza (2006-2023), Astoria Palawan (2013-2023), Astoria Boracay (2016-2023), and Astoria Current (2018-2023) are hailed as RCI Gold Crown Resorts for attaining the highest level of excellence in resort accommodation and hospitality.

Q: What are RCI’s extra vacations?

A: RCI’s extra vacations are week-long breaks at RCI-affiliated resorts that you can purchase with cash. These are just like regular RCI exchange vacations where you get the same spacious resort-style accommodation, benefits, and amenities from RCI without having to exchange your ownership week.

Q: What toll-free numbers do I use to contact RCI Singapore?

A: RCI’s toll-free numbers are as follows:

• 1800 8739 5267 – Globe
• 1800 1651 0639 – PLDT line

Q: What happens if I own 2 timeshare memberships from 2 different companies? Do I keep 2 RCI numbers as well?

A: The member will be issued 1 RCI number as RCI can just combine the 2 memberships. However, he/she will still have 2 membership usages.

Q: Where can I find the list of RCI-affiliated resorts?

A: Just log into www.rci.com and at the top page of the RCI website, you will see “Search for a Vacation.” The system will show on the left side of the screen the “Resort Directory.” Just click this and the monitor will show a list of affiliated resorts in different destinations.

Q: In case my RCI week expires, can I have this extended?

A: Yes, it can be extended, provided that you combine the expiring week with a newly deposited week so that the validity is prolonged for another 2 years. Furthermore, a combined fee of S$108 for 1 year and S$158 for 2 years will be imposed by RCI.

Q: Can I always book a split week with RCI?

A: Split weeks under RCI are limited only and mostly applicable in Asian countries.

Q: When can I expect to receive my RCI kit?

A: RCI no longer issues a physical kit. The RCI ID is sent via email after the completion of enrollment with RCI.

Q: If I renew my RCI membership for another 5 years, and at the same time, I upgrade to a premium membership with AVLCI, what added benefits do I get with RCI in terms of enrollment?

A: If you upgrade to a premium membership, AVLCI will enroll you to a 5-year platinum membership with RCI. This is on top of the membership renewal which you paid for. In effect, your enrollment with RCI will be for a period of 10 years (5 years from your renewal and 5 years under the upgraded premium membership).

Q: When do I deposit my week with RCI?

A: Our Member Services Department sends out the holiday entitlement form every last quarter of the year. The earlier you sign up and submit the form, the more weeks you can choose from based on RCI’s inventory. You can deposit your week up to 2 years in advance, and the earlier you do so, the greater your week’s trading power will be. Depositing early not only means you get the maximum trading power value to use when booking your exchange vacation, it also means you have more time to search for your next dream vacation.

Q: What is deposit trading power and where can I see how much trading power I have?

A: When a member deposits a week of timeshare ownership, RCI converts this into points and this is what is known as the deposit trading power. To check your deposit trading power, you can go through the RCI website at www.rci.com and click on “Manage My Deposit” and select “Deposited Week” on the left side of the screen. The system will show you the details of your points under the “Deposit Trading Power.”

Q: What happens if I do not renew my membership with RCI?

A: If you do not renew your membership with RCI, you are not allowed to check into its affiliate hotels and use the other benefits that go along with it. On top of that, when your account goes dormant for 3 years or more, this is automatically deleted in the RCI system.

Q: When is the deadline to deposit my week with RCI?

A: Normally, this should be during the 1st quarter of the year or before March 31.

Q: Can I pull out and use with AVLCI my unused deposited weeks with RCI?

A: Unfortunately, you can no longer pull these out and use with AVLCI.

Q: Can I use my deposited week to avail of the cruise exchange?

A: Yes, a member can use the deposited week which will serve as a discount for cruises.

Q: How can I use my RCI membership benefits?

A: If your membership payment is at 69% or below, you may avail of the following:

  • Extra vacations: Enjoy week-long breaks at members’ only prices
  • Bonus week getaways: Last-minute deals within 45 days from the check-in date
  • RCI cruise: RCI also facilitates cruise bookings at members’ only prices
  • City discovery: RCI also offers access to city discovery where thousands of local tours and activities can be booked prior to departure

If your membership payment is already at 70% and above, you are entitled to the following:

  • All of the aforementioned benefits
  • Plus, RCI exchange benefit: Deposit your week entitlement, search for your dream vacation, and exchange into places you have never been to before or your favorite vacation destination
  • Plus, RCI cruise exchange: Trading power can be used to discount the cruise fare up to 4 cabins

Q: Can I use my week entitlement in booking a cruise with RCI?

A: Yes, members are able to book thousands of cruise lines via RCI at members’ only rates. Once you become a full RCI member, you will be able to use your trading power (your week entitlement) for discounting the cruise fares up to a maximum of 4 cabins.

Q: Why are there no affiliate hotels in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul (South Korea), etc.?

A: There is no timeshare (hotels selling vacation ownership) in these places. Hence, getting an affiliated property is a challenge. RCI recognizes the demand, so they have contracted several hotels so we can offer special rental prices to our members. At times, these rental units are also subsidized by RCI and offered as normal exchanges to their platinum members.

Q: How do members get updates regarding new affiliate hotels/resorts?

A: RCI often sends an email communication when there are new destinations, as well as any promotional campaigns, to inform their members. They also put up a banner on www.rci.com as a communication channel to announce the addition of new resorts to the RCI network. It is important to ensure that you regularly update your contact details to stay connected with RCI.

Q: How long is the validity of my deposited week?

A: Deposited weeks with RCI are valid for 2 fiscal years.