Redecorating Your Space? 4 Things to Keep in Mind

June 23, 2020

Written by AVLCI

There’s nothing more exciting than being the head designer of your own space. We’re sure selecting the perfect color palette for your wall, searching for classic furniture pieces or unique accents, and everything in between that can make your room the coziest place ever are just some of the things on your to-do list. But, putting all of them together is harder than you think.

So, we have crafted a list of decorating tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you are planning to give your space a whole new look! Read on to find out more.

First things first, ask yourself what the purpose is behind this project.

This is the most important part of revamping your space. You should always have a concrete idea of what you want to achieve by the end of this task. Do you want to turn your area into a more modern bedroom or do you need a space where you can work from home? The answers to these questions will dictate how you should go about the whole planning process. Take Astoria Plaza, for example. Each suite is meticulously designed to meet the needs of vacationers and professionals staying in the Ortigas Business District.



Do your research and make a budget scheme.

Come up with a mood board so you can collate all the ideas you have in mind. Pinterest is one of the best sites when looking for inspiration. You can browse the photos of your favorite Astoria properties, too. It will be easier for you to visualize the finished product if you have a mood board that you can use as a reference. Once you’re done researching, that’s the right time to make a budget scheme. Keep in mind that the more intricate the design is, the higher the chances you will need to shell out a bit more money. For example, if you have a very specific color in mind, you may need to have it created by professional painters.



Not a huge fan of colors? Go with neutrals!

Neutrals are stylish yet versatile. White and light grey offer a clean and airy aura, while taupe and dark gray tones exude warm and cozy vibes. Don’t worry, neutral colors do not have to be boring. You can switch things up by choosing interesting furniture pieces and decors with a pop of color, like those at Astoria Bohol.



Do not forget about the lighting!

No space will ever be complete without proper lighting. Aside from getting the basic job done – which is to, of course, help you see your area clearly – lighting can also set the mood of your space. Do you want it to be bright, so it feels like summer all year round? Or do you want to keep it dim, to make it easier for you to get some much-needed deep sleep? Remember to go back to the beginning and think of the purpose behind this project.



There are a lot of ideas and inspirations available online which you can use when decorating your space, but you can also ask yourself this question for starters: Where among the Astoria properties do I feel most at home in? Be it Astoria Plaza, Astoria Greenbelt, Astoria Bohol, Astoria Boracay, Astoria Current, or Astoria Palawan, you can definitely use our interiors as your very own peg!

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