Timeshare Scam: How Do Timeshare Frauds Work?

April 21, 2020

Written by AVLCI

When we think about the word “vacation,” we can all agree that a series of exciting plans and fun experiences immediately come to our minds. Breathtaking beaches, calming sunsets, delectable meals, and cozy suites are just some of the many enticing ideas that we associate it with.

Unfortunately, some people equate “vacation” with something more sinister. Instead of actually finding a way to help those who want to go on their much-needed getaways, they see it as a chance to fool people and concoct timeshare scams.

You may be wondering, how do timeshare frauds work, exactly? Read through this guide and take note of these pointers, so that you can easily spot a scammer when you see one!

● Scammers pose as real travel agents.

In order for them to look legitimate, scammers pose as trustworthy agents. They may approach you and try to get ahold of your contact information. Some would even go as far as to scour social media so they could see if you are a frequent traveler and if your lifestyle can afford such kind of leisure products.

● Scammers would make you believe that they are looking for “co-owners” for a certain property.

As soon as they get your contact information, these fake agents may flood you with unsolicited e-mails, calls, and messages. They may not stop until you agree to meet with them. This is when you must be more vigilant than ever and refuse to remain in contact with them.

● Scammers would lure you into paying a big sum of money.

If you somehow come into a situation where you have to meet with these fake agents, be wary of the type of services that they may offer. They may try very hard to lure you into paying a huge sum of money upfront, and they would make you think that you are in for a better and a cheaper deal. These scammers may also use terms such as “available for limited time” or “must act now,” so they can force you to make rash decisions.

● As soon as you give your down payment, you may never hear from these scammers again.

Unfortunately, there are a few unlucky people out there who have fallen into these scammers’ baits and shelled out some of their hard-earned money for nothing. Those people have attempted to get in touch with these fake agents, hoping to use their acquired “membership,” only to find out that they have been fooled.

These are just some of the reminders that you should keep in mind, so that you never fall into the trap of these frauds. At the end of the day, it is always best to do a bit of reading and research, and to only trust credible vacation clubs such as AVLCI. This way, all of you can all enjoy your vacations the best way possible!


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