The Difference Between Legitimate AVLCI And Timeshare Frauds

July 14, 2021

Written by AVLCI

Since 2006, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) has been providing the dream holiday vacations of over 25,000 members. Having been in the hospitality industry for the past 14 years, this vacation club in the Philippines has proven to be so effective that a referral program has been implemented and added in the process. Because of its soaring reputation and overall achievement, it has become such an easy target for timeshare frauds who want to take advantage of the name of the company in order to satisfy their own selfish gains.

Allegations such as “Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club scam,” “AVLCI scam,” “Astoria scam,” and “Club Astoria scam” have not only affected the reputation of the company, but also its precious credibility. In order for you to be able to protect yourselves from the plots of these timeshare frauds, we have prepared a list of the main differences between our vacation club and illegitimate ones. Read on and be well-informed!

• AVLCI has international affiliates, while timeshare frauds have none.

AVLCI takes pride in being affiliated with the largest timeshare exchange network in the whole world, which is Resorts Condominiums International (RCI). This kind of partnership does not only strengthen the brand’s legitimacy, but also serves as a huge advantage for its members. Through RCI, AVLCI members can exchange their holiday weeks in over 4,300 resorts across the globe. An illegitimate timeshare ownership does not offer this kind of prestigious benefit.


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• AVLCI is represented by a well-known figure, while timeshare frauds are not.

Just like any other service or brand, you could always immediately tell that it is legitimate if it is endorsed and supported by a credible figure. As for AVLCI, a well-known personality in the Philippine show business industry proudly refers to himself as both a brand ambassador and a happy patron. Dr. Boy Abunda has appeared in a lot of the vacation club’s initiatives, productions, and events, and has even stayed at the properties offered by AVLCI. On the contrary, have you ever heard of a celebrity or an influencer promoting a fake vacation ownership?

• AVLCI has numerous awards and recognitions, while timeshare frauds have none.

Having spent the last 14 years in the hospitality industry, AVLCI has managed to bring home several awards and recognitions such as the RCI President’s Club Award and Certificate of Recognition from RCI, just to name a few. It is important to look for this kind of accomplishment in a vacation club, because aside from legitimacy, you could also see the type of service that they provide. Of course, fake agents presenting fake membership deals cannot present such things that are easily verifiable online.


• AVLCI has over thousands of members who can attest to its legitimacy, while timeshare frauds have none.

Despite everything that has already been achieved by AVLCI, the company still sees the trust of its members as its greatest achievement. All of these people could testify just how exceptional it is to be part of such a prestigious vacation club. They are the backbone of the company and the main reason why we are all working very hard to give them their most memorable getaways. On the other hand, timeshare frauds do not have anyone to back up their claims, except for their accomplices.

• AVLCI has various prestigious properties, while timeshare frauds have none.

Through AVLCI, members not only have the chance to travel overseas, but also to relish on the breathtaking beauty of the Philippines. We have over six properties located in the heart of the finest islands and cities around the country, offering services that are beyond world-class. Astoria Palawan, Astoria Boracay, Astoria Current, Astoria Bohol, Astoria Greenbelt, and Astoria Plaza are all so well-known, to the point that they appeal even to the likes of those who are not members. This is also the kind of prestige that timeshare frauds cannot achieve.

These are just some of the many differences between AVLCI and timeshare frauds. The controversies and issues about it being a scam are but a small hiccup in the company’s reputation. Ultimately, these false accusations do not hinder interested people from being part of the family. So, while it is important to be vigilant about timeshare frauds, it is also essential to be well-informed about when to trust a certain company or not – and we sure hope that this handy guide of ours helped you learn a thing or two about us!


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