The Timeshare Myth, Debunked: Club Astoria Was a Scam 

April 8, 2020

Written by AVLCI

Did you know that before it was called Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc., that AVLCI went by another name in the past? It’s true! The company’s first incarnation was as Club Astoria more than decade ago. In 2006, after the Astoria Group put up the first two properties of Astoria Plaza and Astoria Boracay, the management team noticed that there were many returning guests who would go on holiday year after year. These same guests would also ask about whether or not there would be other Astoria properties in prime destinations in the Philippines, like Palawan and Bohol.

Since there were plans to put up more properties, the management team decided to try a concept that came from Europe, that of creating a vacation club. Thus, Club Astoria was born! In the beginning, it was a challenge for the group to convince potential members of the concept of purchasing a membership so that they could go on Astoria vacations year after year, for thirty years – so many people thought the offer was too good to be true!

Sadly, some people thought that this was a Club Astoria scam that was happening. Of course, that was not the case. When they started it in 2006, the Astoria Group obtained the legal license from the SEC to operate the vacation club legitimately. Here’s a fun fact – to this day, the SEC registration number remains the same as CS200516093! Some people who never signed up to be members and were afraid that the package was a sham thought that it was an Astoria scam. Thankfully, there were people who had already stayed in Astoria properties and were pleased with the consistently high level of service and beautiful accommodations. Additionally, there were also many people who knew that the Astoria management was sincere in providing this offer and those people were willing to give it a try.

Of course, everyone in the Astoria Group worked very hard to make sure that those members had wonderful vacation experiences. This was not just in Astoria properties, but also around the world, given the vacation exchange that members could take advantage of in partnership with Resorts Condominium International or RCI. From there, the word slowly spread until more and more people were starting to see the truly fantastic benefits of being a Club Astoria vacation club member.

After a few years, the management team realized that this was no longer a pet project for them. They wanted to make sure that they could elevate the vacation club brand further. They decided to rename Club Astoria to Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. or AVLCI. With a bright new name, logo and brand design, AVLCI gained the best of the Astoria Group’s luxury feel and world-class sophistication. More than ever, people were signing up to join the vacation club. The false rumors about the Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. scam were finally vanquished and so many people were excited to become members! The more astonishing fact was that the more experienced members were upgrading their membership packages and purchasing two, three and even four memberships, so they could bring their extended families and friends along for vacations, too!

Around that time, social media sites, like Facebook, and travel review sites, like TripAdvisor, were becoming more popular. AVLCI members began sharing their photos, videos and testimonials online, showing everyone how much they enjoyed going on their AVLCI adventures! Members would also write blogs and upload vlogs online, giving readers and viewers a sneak peek into the VIP treatment they would receive. AVLCI members would show the perks of their membership, such as getting to ride in the Astoria speedboat to head to Astoria Boracay or Astoria Current and having surprise birthday celebrations in Astoria Palawan.

On top of receiving excellent rankings on TripAdvisor, in 2019, Astoria Current won the #1 spot in the Top Hotels in the Philippines category. That same year, Astoria Palawan earned the #9 spot in the Top Hotels for Families in the World! Astoria Palawan was the only property in the Philippines to gain entry into that prestigious global category. Today, in 2020, Astoria Current and Astoria Palawan are both ranked at #1 on TripAdvisor in Boracay island and Palawan island! There is no more question that the Astoria Group is truly world-class!

All Astoria properties represent the best that the Astoria standard of hospitality has to offer. That same, homegrown Filipino hospitality that AVLCI members have been receiving since the humble beginnings of the vacation club still shines through with each visit. Truly, AVLCI members are reaping multiple benefits from their investment and they will do so, for more decades to come!


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