Why People Think Timeshare is a Scam: 5 Perks That are Too Good to be True

January 31, 2024

Written by AVLCI

It is easy to get caught up in our usual routines. From working around the clock from Monday to Friday, and running errands during the weekends, the list of things to do hardly gives us time to pause and relax. This is where traveling comes in. Going on a vacation is our way of taking a break from the usual hustle to truly focus on what lifts our spirits.

If you are an avid traveler, then you must have already encountered the term “timeshare.” Here in the country, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. leads the timeshare ownership game for good reasons. This vacation club has a long list of members that could attest to all the perks that come with signing up, but what exactly are these, you may ask?

Here, we rounded up 5 of the many perks that are too good to be true, which come with this vacation ownership.

1.) One Holiday Week Per Year


In general, AVLCI members get one week in a year which they can use in their preferred Astoria property. Want to go on a city staycation? Then Astoria Plaza, our hotel in Pasig, and Astoria Greenbelt, our hotel in Makati, are your best bets! If you are after a tropical retreat, you can simply choose between Astoria Boracay, our beachfront hotel in Station 1, Astoria Current, our hotel in Boracay, Station 3, Astoria Palawan, our hotel in Puerto Princesa, or Astoria Bohol, our hotel in Bohol. You can use your entitlement to book a vacation for yourself, or you can share it with your loved ones!


2.) 15% Discount on Rooms Based on Website Rates

We know that one week per year is not enough to visit all your favorite Astoria hotels and resorts, but do not fret – as a member of one of the leading timeshare companies in the country, you also get 15% discount on accommodations when booking a room outside of your holiday week!


3.) 15% Discount on Food and Beverage

A vacation will not be complete without good food and amazing drinks to boot. Good thing, AVLCI members are entitled to an exclusive discount. From a dinner buffet at Astoria Plaza to a la carte dishes in Minami Saki By Astoria, we’ll make sure you have an incredible dining experience!


4.) 10% Discount on Banquet Events

Have a milestone coming up? You can book our event spaces, Mangrove Conference & Convention Center By Astoria and Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria, at a discounted rate! Just let us know you are a part of our vacation club and we will take care of the rest.


5.) RCI Exchange


This perk may seem like an AVLCI scam because of how amazing it is, but believe that with your membership, you can visit the best international destinations too by exchanging your weeks with RCI! Take your pick. From Paris and Florida to Bali and Bangkok, you can visit these destinations with your entitlement!

These are just some of the many awesome perks that come with being a member of AVLCI. So, why choose other vacation clubs? Some are just being run by timeshare scams! Choose the largest and leading timeshare brand in the Philippines!


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