How to Protect Yourself from Timeshare Frauds

February 26, 2021

Written by AVLCI

We have all experienced getting scammed at least once, and it’s safe to say that moving on can be a frustrating ordeal. Though lessons have been learned, there are still fraudsters out there that continue to scheme and make their scams look more legitimate.

Timeshare companies have been around for decades, and the industry is rife with shady individuals looking for a quick buck by taking advantage of vulnerable people. Most frequent vacationers are interested in timeshares, but almost all do not know what to look out for when purchasing one.

We have created a short guide to help you identify whether the timeshare being offered to you is a scam or the real thing.

Research. As cliché as it may sound, doing your own research will equip you with the knowledge to fight off at least the most obvious of scammers. Do a background check on the company offering the timeshare. You can immediately tell it’s not legitimate if it’s not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Also, check its social media accounts and the people claiming the timeshare company to be fraudulent/real.


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Don’t go in blind. People who have shared their experiences of being scammed conjure this image of a smooth-talking yet shady salesperson who pressured them into signing up for a timeshare membership. In the end, it was still their decision to make, but remember: if you are willing to put up with the pitch, dive into it fully informed. Learning about timesharing via the internet beforehand will allow you to ask the right questions and to make a rational decision.


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Don’t sign anything…yet. Fraudsters will shove the contract straight into your face and tell you to immediately sign to “get freebies and more discounts!” Do not fall for this. A legitimate salesperson will allow you to leaf through the contract at your convenience. You should never do a transaction over the phone. If the salesperson is unwilling to meet you in person or fails to give you a business address, then it is automatically a scheme.


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Go for a reputable company. There are a lot of legitimate companies out there offering timeshares, but it all falls on that one brand that will make you invest with confidence. For holiday ownership, go for the largest and the best in the country, AVLCI. Aside from being registered with SEC, AVLCI is also an affiliate of Resorts and Condominiums International (RCI), giving members the option to vacation all over the globe.



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