AVLCI: The Astoria Group Is Not A Scam (Part Two)

October 27, 2022

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In our previous blog HERE, we showed you five of the prized properties of Astoria Hotels and Resorts. These resorts are nestled at the hearts of the finest islands of the Philippines, making The Astoria Group truly a home away from home, not just for Filipino vacationers but for foreign travelers, as well.

But did you know that Astoria also has two properties in the urban jungle? Let’s continue exploring, shall we?

• Astoria Greenbelt

Located at the heart of one of the busiest cities in the National Capital Region, Astoria Greenbelt is where you can experience the finest quarantine stay. Its surroundings may be full of towering corporate buildings and offices, as well as some of the metro’s best medical facilities, but within its chic interiors, this hotel proudly provides extravagant urban hospitality to help you get that much-needed rest. Not to mention the fact that you would literally be just a few minutes away from premier malls and shopping centers! Retail therapy after quarantine, anybody?



• Astoria Plaza

Business in the front, party in the back! This hotel may be located in the Ortigas Business District, but it does not pull you away from all the fun that the city has to offer! Astoria Plaza is also just a few minutes away from the finest dining and shopping spots, making it the perfect place for a staycation. With outlets like Minami Saki by Astoria and Chardonnay by Astoria, you can truly experience a modern kind of lifestyle in this piece of paradise in the metro! It is currently registered as a multiple-use hotel, meaning you can reserve its room not just for leisure bookings, but quarantine stays, too!


As you can see, The Astoria Group made it a point to cater to each and every type of traveler. However, with the ultimate goal of providing world-class service not just to their fellow Filipinos but also to travelers hailing from different parts of the globe, they also wanted to explore other means of extending hospitality. This is where the timeshare ownership idea came in and when their very own vacation club was born – Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI).

With a vacation ownership with AVLCI, each and every member is entitled to exclusive access not just to all the local properties of Astoria Hotels and Resorts, but also to the other affiliate international resorts and hotels of RCI, which is the largest timeshare exchange network in the whole world. Having been represented and endorsed by Dr. Boy Abunda, one of most iconic figures in the show business industry in the Philippines, and having been awarded with numerous recognitions, this vacation club in the Philippines proves that it truly is the most prestigious timeshare group in the country. Even controversies revolving around timeshare scams and vacation club scams plotted by timeshare frauds cannot affect the pristine reputation and integrity built by this company.

With the kind of world-class service that Astoria Hotels and Resorts provides at each of their properties, and with the investment of a lifetime of leisure promised by AVLCI, The Astoria Group shows that they are more than ready to take their spot in the hospitality industry to a whole new level.

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