Why Timeshare Is (Almost Always) Not A Scam (Part 2)

March 8, 2021

Written by AVLCI

Is it your first time coming across the concepts of “timeshare,” “vacation ownership,” and “vacation clubs”? We understand why you are curious to know what they are about, why more and more avid vacationers are signing up, and if they are a scam or not. This world of vacation truly is a wonder and there is so much to learn. If you haven’t seen the first part of our deep-dive, head on over to this LINK. Now, let’s continue on with our discussion:

• Timeshare is a worldwide thing – and it has been for years.

Timesharing has been in the scene for a while already, and countless hospitality companies have integrated this idea in the kind of services that they provide. Take Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), for example. Having been in the industry since 2006, this vacation club in the Philippines has proven itself over and over again by becoming the top-of-mind choice for avid vacationers! Their impressive reputation and performance in the field of hospitality have landed them a partnership with RCI, which gives their members access not just to their partner properties located in the Philippines, but to the long list of their international affiliates as well.

Some of the biggest timeshare companies in the world, such as the Hyatt Residence Club, Ritz Carlton Club, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, and Marriott Vacation Club, also bridge the globe together to give their beloved members vacations of a lifetime.


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Because of this and the other benefits that come with a timeshare membership, it is not very surprising that a lot of fraudsters would want to pose as real agents and lure people into a vacation club scam. These timeshare frauds are just lurking around, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make the most out of some people’s hard-earned money for their own selfish gains. They would make you believe that they are offering you a good deal for a great price, and then disappear into thin air the moment you look for them and demand your money back. These controversies revolving timeshare have happened not just in the Philippines, but also abroad.

But fret not! There are still legitimate vacation clubs that will help you achieve your travel goals, like Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI)! It has been a registered entity since 2006 at the Securities and Exchange Commission with SEC number CS200516093 and an affiliate of Resorts Condominium International (RCI), the world’s largest vacation exchange network.

As you can see, there is so much potential that timesharing could offer. It is something revolutionary that has created an entire industry in the field of hospitality industry. It truly is an investment of a lifetime! It could bring the whole world a lot closer to its members and could make the idea of traveling an even more exciting and euphoric experience. So, if you are looking for a sign to be part of a vacation club, this is it! Just make sure to sign up with the leading timeshare company in the country, AVLCI!


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