4 Proofs That Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. Has Never Been A Scam

May 20, 2020

Written by AVLCI

Almost all of us can agree that the hospitality industry is one of the most fulfilling fields there is. Truly, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to provide memorable experiences to guests and being of service to fellow countrymen!

However, despite all of the glitz and glamour, one of the biggest challenges that this industry faces is the issue revolving around vacation club scam plotted by fake agents, tricksters, and frauds. These people who take advantage of others’ passion for traveling ultimately cause a lot of trust issues, affecting even the most established and credible companies in the Philippines.

Because we know that there are a lot of people who want to more information about vacation ownership but are still a bit skeptical about joining, we have compiled here a list of proofs on why you should consider Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) as your very own vacation club!


1. AVLCI is accredited and recognized by Resorts Condominiums International (RCI), which is the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world.


Like any other service or brand, you’ll know that a company is legitimate if it is accredited by an international figure. With affiliates in countless countries and cities all around the globe, RCI really is the most credible vacation exchange company there is. And because we are a partner of theirs, our members can easily exchange their holiday weeks with properties abroad and experience world-class hospitality service!


2. AVLCI has won numerous recognitions and awards.


Having been in the hospitality industry for more than a decade, we believe that it is not enough to only build a vast network so that our members will be able to make endless memories anywhere they desire, but to also provide exceptional service everywhere they go. This goal of ours has helped us garner notable awards such as the most-coveted RCI Gold Crown, as well as the RCI President’s Club Award, which we have been consistently receiving since 2012.

4-Proofs-That-Astoria-Vacation-and-Leisure-Club-Inc.-Has-Never-Been-A-Scam (3)



3. AVLCI is represented and endorsed by Dr. Boy Abunda.


Even though he is mostly known as the King of Talk in the Philippine show business industry, Dr. Boy Abunda is also a travel and leisure enthusiast like most of us. He believes that he deserves as much rest and relaxation as the time he spends in front of the camera, which is why he trusts none other than AVLCI to provide it for him. With various types of experiences ranging from escapes in the best beaches and islands in the Philippines, adventures in the buzzing cities of the metro, and gastronomic crusades featuring international cuisines, AVLCI sees to it that Dr. Abunda never runs out of fun things to do during his very own “me-time.”

4-Proofs-That-Astoria-Vacation-and-Leisure-Club-Inc.-Has-Never-Been-A-Scam (2)


4. AVLCI is currently the largest vacation club in the Philippines.


Being in the hospitality industry for more than 10 years has helped us garner members from all across the Philippines. This makes AVLCI the largest vacation club in the country! Because of your continuous trust, this AVLCI family of ours has grown a lot since our humble beginnings. We promise you that we will continuously strive to share the love of traveling to more and more Filipinos!

As you can see, AVLCI is truly one of the few timeshare groups in the Philippines that you can fully trust. We know that all of us deserve to have a safe space where we can embrace our passion for traveling and have a lifestyle of leisure. With that, we hope that you would allow us to be a part of your lives by giving you your dream holiday vacations!


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