7 Exotic Asian Destinations That are Worth Visiting (Part 1)

July 18, 2023

Written by AVLCI

There are people who have already seen much of the world, and there are those who have yet to even venture out of the city. Whatever the case, there are still a lot of places to visit and experiences to discover. Here, we have made a list of lesser-known yet exotic Asian destinations that you should definitely add to your travel bucket list.

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Jodhpur, India. One should consider visiting one of Rajasthan’s cities, Jodhpur. It is affectionately called the “Blue City” not only because of its blue-painted houses but the fact that it is one of the areas unspoiled by slapdash modern development.

This city’s houses were painted blue to signify that they were once occupied by Brahmins, the highest caste in India. Jodhpur is also home to Mehrangarh Fort—one of India’s largest and most well-maintained forts. Venturing the fort alone will give tourists a beholding sight of tombs, museums, and restaurants!


Photo by Fred Nassar


Hanhwa, South Korea. Tourists first and foremost visit South Korea for its K-drama shooting locations and amusement parks. But did you know that there are a lot more to this country than what you see in the TV? Apart from its capital, Seoul, a true-blue wanderer should also visit Hanhwa. This area is home to a vast and wonderful national park. Nature lovers will surely love Seorak-san National Park for its breathtaking views and magnificent trails. It also hides the Sinheungsa Temple, where people can see a big Buddha monument while on the trail.


Photo by Sarah Lee


Pingtung County, Taiwan. Summer getaways are the norm for vacationers, and for Filipinos, it is usually Boracay and Palawan. Outside of the country, one may look at Bali, Indonesia or Phuket, Thailand. But did you know that Taiwan boasts of amazing beaches too?


Kenting is Taiwan’s gem for beach lovers. Picturesque shorelines and magnificent sunsets are a sight for tired eyes. The powdery sands of Nanwan Beach, the snorkel sights around Wanlitong Beach, and the grassy meadows of Fengchuisha are also worth the journey. Just do not forget to rent a scooter! And since we are already on the subject of the great outdoors, one will also enjoy the sights of the southern coastline of Taiwan via Longpan Park.


Photo by Timo Valz


Already like what you are seeing? Do not pack those bags yet! There are 4 more exotic Asian destinations to check out on the second part of this article!


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