Make Your Couple Trip Extra Special by Trying These 5 Activities

June 2, 2023

Written by AVLCI

Heart’s Day or not, you can always make your couple trip more adventurous and memorable by visiting the top wondrous destinations in the country and by trying out one thrilling activity after another. Well, we understand that you and your sweetheart are such busy bees and do not have much time to make a thorough research. Don’t worry! We have summed up some of the most exciting activities that Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. members can do on their romantic vacations. Here is the list of the best tours available in the heart of Palawan and Bohol:

1.) Palawan: Puerto Princesa Underground River

The famous Puerto Princesa Underground River is what makes every tourist fall in love with the island of Palawan. As you traverse this 8-kilometer-long cave, you will be amazed to see the dazzling rock formations and exotic creatures lurking beneath the surface, not to mention the glorious Sabang Waterfalls where you can dive in for a swim and catch up with your loved one!

2.) Palawan: Ihawig River Firefly Watching

This tourist spot seems like the perfect background to Owl City’s song “Fireflies”! Who wouldn’t be excited to witness thousands of fireflies glowing like beautiful stars in the sky while on a boat ride with your dearest one? Isn’t it romantic?


Make Your Couple Trip Extra Special by Trying These 5 Activities

Photo by Stewie Overseas


3.) Bohol: Baclayon Heritage Walk

The cycle of fun continues in Bohol! If you love dating in historical spots and learning from different cultural heritage, then this is the right tour package for you! From visiting the famous Chocolate Hills and Blood Compact Monument to immersing yourself in Baclayon Church and Museum, you will slowly rediscover why the town of Baclayon is nothing short of spectacular.


Make Your Couple Trip Extra Special by Trying These 5 Activities

Photo by Roland Hechanova


4.) Bohol: Panglao Tour

The Panglao Island tour is truly one for the books! Live like a true Boholano with a fun-filled escapade at Bohol Bee Farm, Panglao Tower, Hinagdanan Cave, and Dauis Church. Just make sure to tag us on your wonderful photos so we can feature you on our social pages!


Make Your Couple Trip Extra Special by Trying These 5 Activities

Photo by @gothampanzer97


5. Bohol: Danao Tour

Craving for more exhilarating activities? Why not go for a sporty date? If you are the get-out-and-go type of couple, then you surely wouldn’t want to miss the skyride, ziplet, and giant swing in the town of Danao!
We hope this blog gives you an idea on how to spend quality time with your beau while making the most of your AVLCI membership!
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