3 More Remarkable Places Where You Can Use Your AVLCI Membership

January 3, 2023

Written by AVLCI

In a previous article (link), we enumerated the places where you can use your AVLCI membership. But that list is just the first part! Here, we will tackle where else you can enjoy your benefits. From the busy streets of Makati to the powdery sands of Palawan, we have got it all covered for you.

Let us continue!.


Whether it is for business or leisure, Astoria Greenbelt makes sure your city trip is worth it. This hotel in Makati is the ideal place to stay if you are in the metro for an important business conference. If it is a shopping vacation, then you are in luck because it is surrounded by the city’s most popular and chic malls. After that busy meeting or hectic shopping spree, you will be welcomed inside by Astoria Greenbelt’s artsy yet relaxing interiors.

Astoria Greenbelt is also surrounded by a lot of good restaurants, but why look far? Tableau offers a fusion of local and international cuisine paired with desserts you will not forget. Oh, have we mentioned that you can use your discount when dining there? Go visit and your time will be worthwhile!




Puerto Princesa is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the summer. It is where vacationers can go on sightseeing tours or just enjoy its fine beaches right outside the resort room doors.

Enter Astoria Palawan, an 8-hectare paradise where you can walk the shores facing the Sulu Sea. The tranquil environment is perfect for rest, but the resort is loaded with activities as well, ranging from outdoor sports to video games!

But the pearl of this resort is Palawan Waterpark, the coolest theme park on the whole island! With six main attractions to choose from, AVLCI members can spend the whole day just trying out one slide after another! It is so big that you will need a map to fully explore it! Check it out here!





Ortigas is a city that never sleeps. From morning ‘till night, the metro is buzzing with activities and countless places to visit and see. For people to fully experience what Ortigas has to offer, one must consider checking in at a hotel in the heart of the area.

Lucky for AVLCI members, they can get the best out of their stay at Astoria Plaza. This hotel in Pasig is near the best malls, including SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, Greenfield District, and The Podium. If you are looking to celebrate a big birthday or a major event, Chardonnay at Astoria is the obvious choice. It is the venue that comes to mind for people wanting both function and sophistication. You can even use your member-exclusive discount here!

While there are a lot of restaurants ready to play with your taste buds, don’t forget that Astoria Plaza is also home to one of the best (if not the best!) Japanese restaurant in Ortigas, Minami Saki. This culinary gem has been serving authentic and traditional Japanese dishes since 2014. Expect nothing but quality Japanese fare just a few steps from the hotel lobby.



Have you decided where to go? There is a lot to do and places to visit! Remember to bookmark our blog so you can get updates from our fantastic line of hotels and resorts, and check out the AVLCI reviews page to see our members’ favorite properties.

Not yet a member? Stop the search! Unlike timeshare frauds that have nothing to offer but vacation club scams, AVLCI has everything you will need and more! It may sound too good to be true, but you can always ask our brand ambassador, Dr. Boy Abunda, or check out the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website to confirm we are the real deal!

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