Make Your Family Trip Extra Special by Trying These 3 Activities

November 14, 2023

Written by AVLCI

Going out of town with your family is always something worth looking forward to. Whatever type of adventure you have prepared, you are sure to have a splendid time because you are surrounded by the people you treasure the most.

But did you know that there are ways to make your family outing even more special and memorable? If you have the opportunity to personalize your most-awaited getaway according to the type of interests that you and your family share, you would surely make the most out of that chance, right?

That is just one of the many perks that come with having a timeshare ownership with the most prestigious vacation club in the Philippines, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI)! Because of the many properties offered by this vacation club, you and your family have an endless list of activities to choose from! Feel free to customize your future family trips based on your type of adventure!

• For the adventurous ones: Astoria Palawan’s tour packages

If you and your family are fond of exploring everything that a certain destination could offer, we highly recommend you book your stay at Astoria Palawan and avail of our exciting tour packages!

Get the chance to see more of Palawan and its hidden gems, like the breathtaking Underground River! You can also be one with the sea at Honda Bay, where you are free to swim around and snorkel with the fishes. If you and your family want to take your adventure up a notch, you can also visit Port Barton, a nearby piece of paradise full of wonders!

Aside from being able to experience the island life of Palawan, you can also get closer to its people and have a taste of their local life by going on a city tour. Do not forget to buy some authentic Palawan goodies so you can have a piece of this place to take home with you when you leave!

• For the daring ones: Water activities near Astoria Current


Nothing beats a good, old adrenaline rush! If you and your family are into some hair-raising water activities, then all of you should head over to Boracay!

If you want to marvel at the beauty of Boracay’s horizon while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the island, you can try out parasailing! Just make sure to avoid looking down below, especially if you have a fear of heights!

On the other hand, if you want to be closer to the sea, you may ride a banana boat. The thrilling twist is that the inflatable is attached to a speedboat, and you would have to be dragged along the water at a very fast pace! Make sure to hold on tight, because there are literally going to be lots of bumps and turns during the ride!

After your exciting day, choose to retreat at our vibrant resort in Station 3, Astoria Current.

• For the cultured ones: Astoria Bohol’s tour packages

There is also a sensational surprise for those of you who just love learning about different cultures. This is where Astoria Bohol’s tour packages come in!

If there is any place in the Philippines that truly celebrates the Filipino heritage, it is Bohol. There is just something so enchanting about its people, its tourist spots, and its overall vibe that make you even more proud to be a Filipino.

Astoria Bohol’s tour packages are gateways to a lot of insightful spots in Bohol. You would have the chance to see the famous Chocolate Hills, the Dauis Church, as well as the amazing Bilar Man-made Forest! If you are lucky enough, you could also meet the cutest inhabitants in the province – the huge-eyed tarsiers!


Photo by Deb Dowd


These are just some of the amazing things true-blue travelers could experience if they have a vacation ownership with AVLCI. Through this timeshare company, every family outing can be made a whole lot more personal and even more unique! This kind of perk is surely not something one can avail of from timeshare scams. Contrary to the farce and shams surrounding the so-called Astoria scam, the Astoria family assures you that you can only enjoy experiences as luxurious as these with the most prestigious vacation club in the country.

At the end of the day, who could ever resist a personalized vacation? Be a part of our family now, and let your imagination run wild with the kind of escape you want to experience. Your getaway, your way!


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