The Wait is Over: Use up to 5 Weeks of Your AVLCI Membership Entitlement in 1 Spectacular Stay!

March 1, 2021

Written by AVLCI

There are many words to describe 2020, but probably one of the best adjectives there is that perfectly captures how the year felt was “blurred.” If you think about it, the year was a very eventful one (not in a good way, unfortunately), but it was also monotonous. Most of us were stuck at home doing the same thing over and over again, and days started to look exactly the same.

This was extra tricky especially for avid travelers who live and breathe adventures. We know that as a member of the leading vacation club in the Philippines, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), you missed coming home to your home resort and experiencing the best of what Astoria has to offer. We know you craved for those lazy days spent by the beach or cooped up in our cozy suites. We want to help you make up for lost R&R time this 2021! That is why we have prepared a special offer just for you!

From March to December of this year, you can use up to 5 weeks of your holiday entitlement! Yes, that means more quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones! You can choose to spend your weeks in one go if you crave for that long, uninterrupted holiday or you can use them separately at any of these participating properties:


Astoria Current


Astoria Palawan


Astoria Plaza (for quarantine stays)


Astoria Greenbelt


Astoria Bohol Annex


Stellar Potter’s Ridge


Stellar Pansol


Ready to make it a year to remember? Send our Customer Service Department an email or call via the following contact details to make your reservation and to find out the full list of terms and conditions:

Customer Service Department
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111 and (+63 2) 8687-1111 locals 8601-8607 / 8022 / 8092 / 8090 / 8120-8121 / 8030
Fax: 7910-0843
Mobile: 0908-874-1696, 0917-531-8574, 0908-872-7893

Customer Service Department (Premium Services & Upgrade)
Landline: (+63 2) 8687-1111 local 8036
Fax: 7910-0843
Mobile: 0949-993-0405, 0917-824-1325, 0917-561-0851

To ensure a hassle-free booking, update your maintenance fee by contacting our Credit and Collection Department too at:

Email: and
Landline: (+63 2) 5335-1111, (+63 2) 8687-1111, and (+63 2) 8634-6914 locals 8153 / 8136 / 8027 / 8034 / 8103
Mobile: 0918-448-1740, 0949-992-9597, 0917-599-5054, 0927-227-3058, 0998-571-1623

What are you waiting for? Your next holiday getaway awaits!

Make the most of your vacation ownership with AVLCI! See you!


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