How Vacation Clubs Have Changed the Game

July 28, 2021

Written by AVLCI

It all began with an idea to reform the way people vacation and view timeshare ownership.

Timesharing has been around for decades, but its appeal has dwindled recently due to its primeval and limited privileges. Most timeshares – but not all – are expensive and carry some risks depending on the developer you choose. The hospitality industry has also suffered due to the bad reputation of timeshare scams.

In line with this, leaders of the hospitality industry decided to innovate and give “timesharing” a fresh new look. Improvements were made to the old model, with flexibility playing a key factor in this revamp. From there, vacation clubs were born.


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Vacation clubs are a variation of timeshare ownerships, but with the aim of providing more options to travelers. Gone were the days when you were locked in a single property. With vacation clubs, people are now offered a hefty range to choose from. Yes, you still have to invest a certain amount of money, but this time, you buy in “week” or “points.” Depending on the developer, you get to redeem these weeks at its affiliate hotels and resorts. If the developer is associated with Resorts and Condominiums International or RCI, then it gets more interesting.

Take Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. or AVLCI, for example. Built from the groundwork of timeshare ownership, AVLCI innovated by transforming itself to the largest vacation club in the country. With hotels and resorts in Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Ortigas, and Makati, members are guaranteed to have no dull moments with their wide range of vacation options. Usually, they have one week per year to spend at any Astoria property they like. But this 2021, they can use up to 5 weeks at their hotel of choice! But the fun does not stop there. Because AVLCI is an affiliate of RCI, its members get to stay at over 4,000 hotels and resorts around the globe by exchanging their holiday weeks.



This may sound too good to be true. And with vacation club scam stories and false Astoria scam articles rampant on the internet, we can’t blame you for being cautious. So, if you’re thinking of joining one, make sure your chosen company is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), like Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. or AVLCI. It has changed not only how vacation clubs work in the Philippines, but is effectively improving the way Filipinos vacation.

Change your travel game now by signing up for an AVLCI membership and to know more about this new experience that awaits you.


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