How to Pack for Your Next City Staycation

July 20, 2022

Written by AVLCI

You are finally given a break from your hectic work schedule, but unfortunately, that dream trip to Astoria Boracay or Astoria Palawan will have to wait, as you only have a few days for a city staycation.

Your planning will determine whether you are able to make the most out of those precious, relaxing hours. Will you be spending that trip window shopping at a nearby mall or just lying and relaxing by the hotel swimming pool? Your answers will guide you on how and what to pack for your trip. Don’t worry! We have provided these tips to help you get your staycation game on and make your staycation worth it!

Keep it light.

Since you are not going far, consider fitting everything in one bag. If it is a backpack, that’s better! Remember, you want a relaxing time, so carrying a light load will help ease off on those overworked shoulders! Just a set of casual clothes, nighties, and swimwear for that refreshing dip is enough to still leave some space inside your bag.


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Do you really need to bring that laptop? Your smartphone is enough should you need to check on work updates, right? Also, make sure to arrange your clothes and personals to make the necessities reachable. A print-out of your check-in details should be in a prominent pocket, for example.


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Bring the stuff you now have time for.

If it is “me” time, then make it so! Bring that book you have been longing to read, or that model kit you haven’t had time to build. Everything you want to do equates to a vacation, so now’s the chance. If you will be staying with your family, then bring something everyone will love, like a board game. Family activities are best enjoyed in spacious living areas, like those at Astoria Plaza.

Astoria Plaza’s rooms are designed to make the whole family feel at home, with spacious interiors and amenities paired with great service, so you can focus on having a good time and nothing else.



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The essentials.

Make sure to pack your toiletries if you have specifics brands you are accustomed to. Keep in mind that most city hotels, like Astoria Plaza, have bathtubs so bring some bath bombs or any bubble bath products for that much sought-after warm soak!


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There you have it, simple tips on how to pack to make your staycation in the city relaxing and worth the spend. If you are planning on staying in the Ortigas area, check out Astoria Plaza. Be sure to read up on the places you can go and things to do while you are checked in there!

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