Getting Married Soon? Here’s Where You Should Hold Your Bachelorette Getaway

December 12, 2023

Written by AVLCI

The wedding bells are ringing! You’re getting married soon! So, you and your girl squad are on the lookout for the perfect bachelorette destination. Lucky enough, there are a lot of spots where you can host your last hurrah as a single lady. Whether you want to hit the beach to take your favorite bikini out for a spin or explore the hidden gems of a new city, this list has you covered. Check out some of the best Asian destinations perfect for your big bachelorette party!

Bali, Indonesia

Nothing beats a relaxing vacation experience with your girl friends in the famous island of Bali! Visit the beach, watch the stars, savor the lovely rainforest view, take a much-needed flower bath, and so much more. Once you already achieved peak R&R, hit the bars and drink to your heart’s content. Just make sure to party responsibly!


Photo by Cassie Gallegos


Phuket, Thailand

Do you want your big bash to be exciting and unique? A weekend in Phuket will do the trick! Aside from its famous tropical beaches, Phuket also has strings of bars and restaurants perfect for daily gastronomic adventures with nightcaps to boot. You can also catch a cabaret show with your friends to end the trip on a high note! So, what are you waiting for? Clear up your schedules and book your flight to the Land of Smiles!


Photo by Deepain Jindal


Singapore, Singapore

Opting for a simple cityscape bonding for your bachelorette party? Then, Singapore is the perfect destination for you. Known for its architectural wonders, mixed cultural influences, artsy spots, fancy coffee shops, huge art galleries, and so much more, Singapore will surely fill your out-of-the-country vacay with big smiles, loud laughs, and colorful memories with your best of friends. Don’t forget to bring your polaroid and snap those precious moments!


Photo by Hu Chen


Taipei, Taiwan

Another country that is perfect for brides-to-be who want to live it up in the city with her squad is Taiwan. It is filled with so many activities that you can enjoy, but definitely one you should not miss is trying out its famous street food! While you are at it, make the most out of your trip by spending a night or two singing your heart out at a karaoke bar, clubbing, and shopping at one of its bustling local night markets.


As you can see, there are a lot of vacation spots around Asia that can be the perfect destination for your big bachelorette party! As a member of Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), the leading vacation club in the Philippines, these countries are all within your reach thanks to our partnership with RCI. With AVLCI and RCI, you are sure to have an amazing getaway free from timeshare scams, tricksters spreading false news about non-existent Club Astoria frauds, travel troubles, and so much more!


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