How to Plan a Fun Family Vacation in an Astoria Hotel

September 4, 2018

Written by AVLCI

Taking a break to any Astoria hotel can help people overcome the challenge of successfully juggling work and home life. That is, building your way towards your career goals then spending time with the family at the end of a busy day. While having a routine lets you stay on top of your responsibilities, taking the occasional time off from the daily grind also has its benefits.  After all, nothing keeps exhaustion at bay like indulging in some well-deserved rest and relaxation!


Going on a vacation to an Astoria hotel with the whole family is the perfect way to unwind and create memories with the people who matter most.  Are you ready to mark a few days off your calendar, get away, and go for that fun family vacation? Here are a few things you may want to include as you begin planning.

Pick an Astoria Hotel

The ideal vacation is different for every family. Before you decide where to go and what to do, it’s important to consider factors such as budget and time. Do you have a flexible schedule or are you working with limited free time? Can the family budget stretch to accommodate a trip away from the city?


Your answers to these questions will ultimately determine if it’s finally time to go on that dream tropical getaway or if it’s better to have a cozy staycation right in the middle of the city instead.

Prepare an itinerary

A little research goes a long way when you’re traveling!

Think of an itinerary less like a schedule that needs to be followed strictly, and more like a tentative guide to your entire vacation. Preparing one beforehand can help you learn relevant information about the place you want to visit, and let you map out your ideal vacation experience.


With this guide in place you can pack only what you need, save time on decision-making, and dive straight into the activities you’d rather not miss as soon as your vacation starts!

Try group bonding activities

Now is your chance to catch up on quality time with the wife and kids! That kind of relaxing retreat away from the city awaits you and your family at Astoria Palawan. With the island’s first and only waterpark, this resort combines the beauty of nature, the excitement of water activities, and the serenity of the island for your whole family to enjoy.


Too far for you? Astoria Plaza has modern accommodations for those looking to unwind without leaving the metro. Every suite in the hotel is furnished with a complete entertainment set and enough space. This is perfect for you and your family to settle in, marathon your favorite movies, and even break out a board game or two.

Explore new things together

Keep in mind that every person has their own ideas when it come rest and relaxation. Selecting a destination that every member of the family will enjoy should be a top priority for your vacation. For example, you should take the opportunity to indulge in the culture and food of your destination.


First-timers will find that there is a lot to discover in Palawan, though frequent visitors to the island say that it never really does lose its charm. From the natural to the historical, there are many places for one to soak in the wonder, beauty and character of the province. And, at the end of a long day, you can sit back, relax, and even go for a swim at this Astoria hotel in Palawan.

The same can be said for Ortigas and its ever-changing commercial landscape.  The area is renowned for its diverse array of restaurants to suit the widest range of tastes and palate. There are also the many malls that provide a range of activities—like ice skating or even a night at the movies. With Astoria Plaza, you’re open to so many adventures without having to leave the metro. Just make sure to leave some leisure time in between bonding activities too, so that everyone can unwind in the best way they know how!

Family vacations may seem tedious but, like every other trip, they can easily be simplified by preparing in advance for vacation at an Astoria hotel. At the end of the day, a little research is worth the timeless moments you’ll spend with the rest of the family—and with AVLCI’s catalogue of timelessly beautiful and interesting locations, you are certainly spoilt for choice.


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