5 More Travel Troubles and How to Solve Them

May 31, 2021

Written by AVLCI

In our recent blog, we tackled some of the biggest travel troubles that most vacationers face while planning for a holiday and upon arrival at their destination. But we know too well that there are more mishaps lurking around the corner. There’s no such thing as being “too informed,” so we created an additional list of holiday woes and the best ways to solve them. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Expensive flights

Losing your passport locally may not be as terrifying as misplacing it abroad, but it’s still a hassle, nonetheless. You’ll need to file an Affidavit of Loss and a police report before you can apply for a new one at a Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) satellite branch.
But here’s the real pickle: losing it abroad. If you do find yourself in this situation, the first thing you should do is file a police report. Next, schedule an appointment at the closest Philippine embassy or consulate. Bring the police report with you, as well as photos of your missing passport and the data page. (Yes, you should always have a digital or xerox copy of your passport in each bag or luggage you bring!). You may apply for a new passport there or just opt for a temporary travel document, which you may use to pass immigration.


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2. Getting sick

Be it a case of a simple headache or a full-blown upset stomach, getting sick abroad can be scary especially if you’re traveling alone. That’s why you should always bring a first aid kit with you wherever you go. Yours can include paracetamol tablets, anti-diarrhea pills, painkillers, rehydration salts, and adhesive bandages. While you’re at it, bring mini bottles of alcohol and hand sanitizer as well.


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3. Getting lost

Got a smartphone? Download the Google Maps app, and you’ll practically find your way back in no time. Just make sure to bring a power bank with you, for when your battery runs out.


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4. Falling for vacation club scams and other fake travel schemes

This can come in a form of a local tuk-tuk driver charging you $10 for a short ride, a “broken” taxi meter, or even a fake policeman! Before leaving for a destination, conduct thorough research and ask tips from a friend or colleague who has visited the area already. After all, your best weapon against these scams will always be knowledge.


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5. Bad weather

Wonder why flights are usually cheaper come rainy season or during winter? It’s because most travelers don’t want to gamble on a trip that may be ruined by an unexpected shower storm or blizzard. If you’re one to take chances, then better be prepared with the essentials – from umbrella, raincoat, and waterproof bags to boots, thermal wear, and medicine for colds. Just to be safe, we suggest applying for travel insurance too, just in case you’ll need to rebook that flight.


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It’s almost impossible not to encounter mishaps during a vacation, but it’s easy to solve them if you’re equipped with the right information! We hope you learned a thing or two from our list.
If you want to know more about the safest way to travel, send us a message here: We’ll be happy to tell you all about Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), the country’s leading timeshare company! You may also check out the different AVLCI reviews here to know more about us:


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