Where to Go on Your Next Romantic Getaway

June 22, 2022

Written by AVLCI

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out on a fancy dinner date, being spontaneous and fun in an amusement park, or visiting the cinema to catch that long-awaited movie. These classic date ideas may almost be as old as time, but they never fail to bring the butterflies in your tummy and let all the sparks fly between you and your partner.

It is always a great idea to try and spice things up every once in a while, especially when the both of you are celebrating an achievement, a milestone, or an anniversary. Besides, there is nothing sweeter than a romantic getaway, right?

For those of you lovebirds, who also happen to have a timeshare ownership with Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), we have prepared here a handy “All Around Astoria” itinerary and activity checklist which you can use as reference for your next sweet escape. Buckle up, vacation club members, because you are in for a dreamy ride with your ride-or-die!

• Astoria Palawan

If you and your significant other are looking for the perfect place where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, Astoria Palawan is indeed the spot to be. Aside from modern amenities you may enjoy, they also offer in-room massage to end the evening on a relaxing note!

• Astoria Boracay’s White Café

Have you and your partner ever argued about where to eat? Have the two of you ever wanted entirely different flavors at the same time? Well worry not, because at Astoria Boracay’s White Café, you have the chance to try out flavors from all around the world in one go! They take pride in their carefully curated menu lineup, so you and your beau will never have to argue about unfulfilled cravings ever again.

• Astoria Current’s Stratos Bar


Aside from its crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, Boracay also has a bustling nightlife scene. Experience an electrifying evening at Astoria Current’s Stratos Bar, where you and your significant other can indulge in a fizzling glass or two of the finest concoctions, as you feel the beat of the music. An additional insider tip: Make sure to catch the sunset in the viewing decks so you can cap off the day with a more romantic twist!

• Astoria Bohol Annex


There is absolutely nothing more romantic than being able to marvel at the majestic view of nature while spending quality time with your beau. Make the most out of your Baclayon getaway by taking a dip in Astoria Bohol Annex’s picturesque pool! If the both of you are feeling a bit adventurous, visit seven of the most popular sites that have made Bohol one of the top destinations in our country – The “Blood Compact” monument, Baclayon Church, Hinagdanan Cave, Tarsier Conservation at Loboc, the Loay River cruise, the man-made (mahogany) Forest, and the breathtaking Chocolate Hills.

These are just a few of the many amenities and activities you can visit and try in some of our properties. As you can see, one of the best perks about having a vacation ownership is that you can easily plan for any type of getaway at the best destinations the Philippines has to offer. You are free to relish world-class service anywhere you go, and this is surely not the type of service that timeshare frauds can offer and provide. Let us prove to you that Astoria scam is nothing but fake news through legitimate AVLCI reviews straight from our members. With this, rest assured that only true and credible information on what makes AVLCI a leading vacation club in the Philippines will be unveiled right before your eyes.

Now, are you and your beau ready? There are a whole lot of romantic adventures and sweet experiences prepared for you by the Astoria family!


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