Experience a Private Retreat at Stellar Pansol in Laguna

November 26, 2021

Written by AVLCI

Imagine your siblings belting their hearts out at the videoke station, your nephews and nieces frolicking in the pool, and your cousins battling it out at the billiards table. Everything is laid back and everyone is having fun! You see yourself leaning from your chair to marvel at the picturesque family reunion you have hosted for the weekend. Who would have thought that a resort like Stellar Pansol existed just an hour away from Makati?



Stellar Pansol is a vacation house situated in Pansol, Laguna, near the foot of Mt. Makiling. It may seem small from the outside, but Stellar Pansol is large enough to accommodate 15 people. Its heated pool is sure to soothe those stressed bodies and 2 videoke stations are ready so people can sing both “My Way” and “Nothing to Lose” at the same time! For sport, a billiards table is available, ready for spur-of-the-moment tournaments.


Private Retreat at Stellar Pansol 2

 Living areas inside the house are there for your entertainment pleasure, with cable TVs ready to hook in the couch potatoes of your group. Truly, Stellar Pansol is the switchblade of vacation homes!


Now back to reality. You have seen the photos of the resort and checked the area of Pansol, Laguna. You are prepared to plan that awesome family trip. All you have to do is sign up for an AVLCI membership. What’s the catch, you ask? Is this another vacation club scam? No. AVLCI offers nothing but the best!

As an AVLCI member, you are entitled to enjoy benefits, not only at Stellar Pansol, but at all of the properties of Astoria Hotels and Resorts. We know, that is a lot to take in, but we are not stopping there.

AVLCI members also get to choose from vacation homes around the globe that are affiliated with Resorts Condominiums International (RCI)!

But of course, it all starts with one memorable family trip. Be an AVLCI member and let us show you how we take care of our guests, starting with that soon-to-be amazing vacation at Stellar Pansol!


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