Member Benefits: The AVLCI Referral Program

March 27, 2024

Written by AVLCI

It is no secret that signing up for a membership with Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), the leading vacation club in the Philippines, comes with a long list of perks. One of these, which not a lot of people know of, is the AVLCI Referral Program where members can receive financial incentives for every successful referral they make!

If you are enjoying all the benefits that come with being a member and excited to share the news with your friends and family, then you must not miss out on this offer. Just take your cue from our other members! Simply provide our team with the name and mobile number of your friend or family member whom you think will love AVLCI, too. If he or she joins, you will receive a cash incentive that could range from P2,500 to P25,000, depending on the type of membership chosen.



50% of your referral incentive will be processed 15 days after your referee signs up, while the remaining balance will be released after his/her first monthly amortization. You may claim the incentive or use it as payment for your annual maintenance fee or other various club dues. To know more, you may send our team a message at or You may also contact our ROI (Referred by Owners Incentive) Manager, Mr. Leander Manalo, at (+63) 915-930-1387.



Of course, aside from this referral program, not to be missed are the other benefits that come with having a timeshare account in the Philippines. First and foremost, you get one holiday week per year, which you can use at the different Astoria properties in the best Philippine locations: Astoria Plaza in Ortigas Business District; Astoria Greenbelt in Makati Business District; Astoria Boracay and Astoria Current in Station 1 and Station 3, Boracay; Astoria Palawan in Puerto Princesa; Astoria Bohol and Astoria Bohol Lantawan in Baclayon; Stellar Potter’s Ridge in Metro Tagaytay; and Stellar Pansol in Laguna.



You also get a 15% discount on rooms based on our best available rates on the website when booking accommodation outside of your holiday week, 15% discount on food and beverage, 15% discount on spa services, and 10% discount on banquets. Plus, because the largest vacation club in the Philippines is an affiliate of RCI, the world’s leading timeshare vacation exchange network, you can also enjoy your benefits in thousands of hotels and resorts abroad, including France, Thailand, Canada, and Indonesia.


These amazing perks may seem like a big Astoria scam because of how great they are but rest assured that these are all within your reach when you sign up for a membership with an SEC-registered entity like ours. Not yet a member? Contact our team through this link:


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