Timeshare Membership in the Philippines: Five Questions to Ask

August 16, 2017

Written by AVLCI

There comes a time in your life when you want to reap the fruits of your labor. By venturing into a new experience or taking a break from a busy lifestyle by traveling with your loved ones, you can enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time. Even better – perhaps you’d consider doing both at the same time! That is exactly what timeshare membership Philippines, like AVLCI, can offer you.

Before signing up for a timeshare membership, you need to consider a few things to ensure that you’re making an informed decision and to avoid buyer’s remorse. The sad reality is, timeshare scams still exist and if you are not careful, you might end up cashing out money into a black hole. Thankfully, there are reputable timeshare membership Philippines companies that exist who have many happy members.

Brushing up on basic timeshare membership Philippines tips should help you know more about what a timeshare is and how it works, for you to be confident of your purchase. Here are five questions to ask before buying a timeshare package in the Philippines.  

What kind of traveler am I?

The truth is, not everyone is fit for a timeshare membership Philippines. However, if you are an avid traveler and you want the convenience of having places around the country, and even the world, to call your home, then a timeshare is an affordable luxury that can offer you long-term savings. Members can save on travel expenses, especially on trips with family and friends. Instead of buying a vacation property that’s left unused for most of the year, you can have a luxury hotel or resort as your vacation home.

Relaxing with timeshare membership Philippines

What kind of timeshare membership Philippines is offered?

One of the first things you should ask about when purchasing a package is the kind of timeshare membership Philippines presented to you. Take, for example, an AVLCI membership which offers Vacation Ownership, where you are given access to your home resort through a flexible week system. Other memberships offer point systems, where you can exchange your timeshare allocation for “currency”, which you can consume either annually or within a flexible timeframe. It is also worth taking into consideration whether the timeshare membership Philippines company you belong to is fully compliant with the local regulatory body, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Taking this extra precaution can save you trouble in the future.

What are the benefits included?

In the case of vacation ownership, members are not just limited to their entitled accommodation. Some timeshare memberships in the Philippines provide a variety of benefits  to their members. Additionally, try and gather information on the amenities available in your home hotel or resort. Where is it located? Does it have a gym or a swimming pool? Do they offer parking or transportation services? What are the dining options available? Consider these options to make the most out of your travels. You can also look up any affiliations your timeshare membership Philippines will provide to make the most out of your travels. In the case of AVLCI, members can be enrolled as an RCI member and gain access to over 4,500 resorts in over 110 countries worldwide through their vacation exchange program.

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What are the fees I need to pay?

The biggest advantage of having a timeshare membership in the Philippines is the affordable luxury it offers. Most people are initially hesitant with acquiring a timeshare because they have the impression of it being expensive and impractical. Payment schemes usually vary but almost all timeshare offerings require a membership and maintenance fee, which is still significantly more inexpensive than purchasing your own property. Timeshare membership Philippines also shielded its members from rising hotel prices during peak season.

Is it transferable or available for renting?

When a timeshare member signs up, he or she is entitled to his or her home resort for a certain number of days. Should the timeshare owner not be able to use his or her days, there is always the option of renting it out. Before you sign up, ask your sales representative about these options.

BONUS: What if timeshare membership Philippines is not for me?

The best thing about most timeshare membership Philippines clubs like AVLCI is that it offers a lot of flexible options for travelers to suit their needs. Some timeshare companies even offer a cooling-off period where a certain time frame is allotted to allow new members to consider their purchase properly. It is best to discuss about what you need in your timeshare package, along with your travel behavior so your selected vacation club can offer a membership you would be able to enjoy.


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