Say Cheese! 4 of the Most Instagram-Worthy Spots at Astoria

July 27, 2022

Written by AVLCI

“Pics or it didn’t happen!” We have all heard this before.

Whether you want to prove that you have already been to our vibrant resort in Boracay, or simply aim to share your vacation snaps with your Instagram followers, taking photos during your trip is a must-do. But do not just take one for the sake of it. Make sure to take a selfie or photo with your loved ones at the most Instagrammable spots in your favorite Astoria properties.

Not sure where they are? Let our cheat sheet be your guide!

Astoria Boracay

Located in the gorgeous Station 1, Astoria Boracay offers the best of both worlds. It not only has pictorial-forward amenities that you can use as the perfect backdrop, but it is also just a few steps away from Boracay’s famous white sand beach!

To get the perfect tropical vibes, take a photo in front of the facade and beneath the towering palm trees by the beach. It is our favorite spot!



Astoria Current

Our Station 3 resort was designed to be an Instagram wonderland for millennials. From its lobby and amenities to rooms, each area is surely tap-worthy. But if you want something different, head on up to our rooftop. In the morning, it offers first-class seats to Boracay’s aquamarine waters, and gorgeous sunsets by the late afternoon.



Astoria Palawan

It is impossible not to get the perfect shot in our 5-hectare eco-friendly resort! Our favorite? The exclamation mark-shaped pool! We highly suggest taking a photo using a drone, but no worries if you do not have one. It is gorgeous whichever side you look at it from!



Astoria Plaza

While this Ortigas hotel has a white-hot swimming pool waiting to be Instagrammed, our favorite will always be the suites. Spacious and modern, Astoria Plaza’s rooms are perfect for taking that stunning shot. (Pro tip: move closer to the window for that natural light effect.)


These are just 4 of the beautiful spots that await you at Astoria properties. As a member of the biggest vacation club in the Philippines, you can explore these and more whenever you book your timeshare benefits.

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