Timeshare Tips: Making the Most Out of Your Membership

November 3, 2021

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One of the most significant factors that sets vacation ownership apart and makes it unique from the usual type of hospitality service is the fact that there are many inclusions and perks included in the membership package. As you are reading this, perhaps you are fairly new to the concept and just signed up for a vacation ownership, or maybe you have been a vacation club owner for a while and are wondering how you can utilize your membership to the fullest. You could also just be a curious and interested travel enthusiast who is skeptical about being part of something like this. Whatever your situation may be, we are sure that these timeshare tips can help you figure out how you to make the most out of an investment of a lifetime!


• Timeshare Tip # 1: Use it overseas.

Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) is proud to be affiliated with the largest timeshare exchange network in the whole world, which is Resorts Condominiums International (RCI). This partnership allows our beloved members to consume their holiday week entitlements in various international properties located in different countries and countless cities across the globe, like Thailand. So, this means that you can fly out to any destination abroad without worrying about your accommodation! Just send RCI an email to book your room!



• Timeshare Tip # 2: Plan your annual vacations earlier.

AVLCI stands as the biggest vacation club in the Philippines. In order for you and your loved ones to secure a reservation at your desired property on your preferred dates, we highly recommend that you plan your annual vacations in advance. This way, you may also have more time to decide if you want to split your holiday week entitlement into two, so that you could spend it at two different destinations, or just spend one whole week in one place. This 2021, you can even use up to 5 holiday weeks in one go! Read our article here to know more.

See, you can always seamlessly customize your trips according to your liking! Your getaway, your way!




• Timeshare Tip # 3: Share your membership with your family and friends.

Let us face one of the ugliest truths – whether we like it or not, there might come a time when we cannot go on a much-needed and well-deserved vacation because of our other commitments and responsibilities. But this does not mean that your membership will go to waste! You may share your blessings by paying it forward to your loved ones and giving them your perks as a member. If you happen to be unavailable due to other circumstances, your family and friends can make a reservation under your membership and they can also avail of the advantages that come along with it! Is there anything more rewarding and fulfilling than being able to provide world-class getaways to the people you love?




• Timeshare Tip # 4: Watch out for special promos.

Aside from the usual member-exclusive discounts included in your membership package, we also offer special promos available only for AVLCI members. Make sure you stay alert by keeping an eye out for them, especially for the ones available for a limited time only! This will help you achieve your dream holiday vacation without going over your budget and without breaking the bank! However, just make sure you stay vigilant, because there will always be illegitimate promos out there that will be offered by timeshare frauds. There are even fake articles published on social media to deceive you with their farces, like those made-up stories regarding an Astoria scam. This could result in you being involved in an actual timeshare scam, so make sure you only stick to the discounts and promos offered by credible vacation clubs like AVLCI.

One of many ideals that we truly believe in is that the best things in life are not free – they are shared! That is why with these handy timeshare tips, you can surely make the most out of the membership that you invested in. So buckle up, vacation club owners, because you are all in for a lifetime of adventures!

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