7 Easy Travel Hacks to Take Note Of

May 27, 2021

Written by AVLCI

What comes to mind when you hear the word “vacation”? While those bitten by the travel bug would associate this term with sunny days, birds chirping, and the sound of waves hitting the shore, some view it as nothing more than a big expense and ball of stress waiting to happen. Little do they know that taking a vacation once in a while is actually good for maintaining mental health!

Don’t worry if both somehow ring true to you! With our easy hacks, you can go on that much-needed holiday without breaking the bank and minus the stress!

1. Book your tickets early.

We couldn’t stress this enough, but planning your trip in advance equates to savings and freebies! Take your plane ticket, for example. If you already have the budget for it, book your flights months in advance to save money. Usually, the sooner the trip, the higher the fare.


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2. Mix and match your tickets.

Sometimes, it’s cheaper to book your plane tickets from different airline companies than just one. Just keep your eyes peeled online to snag that deal!


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3. Get travel insurance.

Although some are skeptical to allot money for travel insurance, you’ll never know when it’ll come handy. Like that flight you just booked. Should you need to change the date or schedule, having travel insurance will make the process a lot easier! Better be safe than sorry!

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4. Sign up for a vacation membership

The amount may seem overwhelming at first glance, but if you compute all the inclusions and multiply them with the numbers of years you’ll get to enjoy each one, you’ll realize that it’s actually more cost-efficient! But of course, we have to warn you that there are fake timeshare companies concocting a vacation club scam here and there and hoaxers spreading sham news about a so-called Astoria scam or Club Astoria fraud. Best to only trust providers that are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), such as Astoria Vacation and Leisure CIub, Inc. (AVLCI)!



5. Wear the weight.

Need to bring a heavy pair of coat or boots on your next travel? Wear it on the plane to your destination and back. This will lessen your baggage weight significantly!

Photo by Erik Odiin


6. Check your baggage weight.

Did you know that some airline companies charge excess baggage around a hundred peso per kilo? Simple as it may seem, weighing your luggage before leaving for the airport can save you up to thousands of pesos! Also, if you know outright that you’ll need extra baggage, book it in advance. It’s cheaper that way!

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7. Don’t exchange your money at the airport.

Oftentimes, the exchange rates at airports are steep. This means you’ll get less for the amount you’re paying! If you have the time before your trip, stop by a credible money exchange center or your bank to have your money converted.


Photo by Kychan

We hope these tips and tricks will help you save money on your next vacation! So we guess the only question left to ask is: Where to next?


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