City Staycation Essentials: 5 Things that Should be in Your Travel Kit

June 14, 2023

Written by AVLCI

There is no doubt that great benefits come with being a member of the country’s leading timeshare company, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI). Aside from safety from vacation club scams and other free accommodation scams that are being concocted by frauds, an AVLCI membership also entitles you to a wide array of perks and discounts at any of the Astoria properties nationwide.

Why not take advantage of these benefits with a city staycation? But before you can enjoy a private retreat at Astoria Plaza, our luxurious hotel in Pasig, Astoria Greenbelt, our hotel in Makati, or in another city abroad, you should pack your essentials first. We know this task requires skills, time, and effort, so we have prepared a cheat sheet of what you should bring to make your travel experience seamless and comfortable.

1.) Travel pillow

We bet you’ll agree with us that sleep is the best thing to do while on a long-haul trip or flight. It does not only give you an energy boost but also prepares you for the adventures up ahead. But, isn’t it challenging when you need to get some shut-eye in a sitting position? To support your head and neck and to achieve a restful nap, using a cozy travel pillow is the key!


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2.) Identification cards or IDs

For verification purposes, government-issued identification cards, such as driver’s license, passport, and TIN ID, are important. They will serve as proof when checking in at a hotel. We all want a fast and easy check-in, right?


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3.) Mobile phone and accessories

Whether you want to stay connected with your loved ones or you simply need entertainment, it’s a lot easier if you always have your mobile phone with you. Aside from these, you can also listen to music, watch your favorite movies, check your booking information, and take some memorable shots using your handy-dandy cell. Just don’t forget to bring your earphones and charger just in case you’ll need them!


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4.) Toiletries

Proper hygiene can keep you safe from diseases and viruses, especially when you are travelling to different places. Prepare tiny bottles where you can transfer your shampoo, hand wash, soap, alcohol, and skincare products for a more convenient way of packing. Who wouldn’t want to keep their travel bags small and light, right? Make sure to pack your toothbrush, wet wipes, and tissue paper, as well!


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5.) Medicine

Prevention is better than cure! It’s a little bit tiring to explore unfamiliar environments and to do playful activities that require motor skills. That’s why you must always include vitamins and prescription medicines in your travel kit to boost your immune system and to keep yourself healthy.


No matter where you go, we are sure that nothing can go wrong on your staycation experience with these 5 travel essentials!
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