4 Spots to Visit Before 2022 Ends

November 17, 2022

Written by AVLCI

Without a doubt, the past few years have truly been some of the most challenging and nerve-wracking times that we have encountered. But now that we are finally at the end of the dark tunnel, we know just how much you are all craving to step outside of your homes and go on that vacation you badly need and deserve! With this checklist that we have crafted for all of you, rest assured you can still make the most out of this year!

• For those who missed the beach: A calming stay at Astoria Boracay

It is only right to head over to the beach and go get some vitamin sea! Go on a stroll along the beautiful shores of Boracay as you release all the stress that the past years have caused. Can you just imagine feeling the warmth of the sand wrapping your toes, the coolness of the ocean gently touching your feet, and breathing in the fresh island breeze? Nothing could ever compare to that! At the end of the day, a relaxing and luxurious escape awaits you at Astoria Boracay’s lavish suites.



• For those who missed eating out: A gastronomic quest at Astoria Plaza’s Café Astoria and Minami Saki

We know just how much you need to satisfy your cravings after not being able to go out for the longest time, which is why all you need to do is drop by Astoria Plaza for a mouthwatering gastronomic adventure, care of Café Astoria’s international cuisines and Minami Saki’s authentic Japanese dishes! Rest assured that there is absolutely no flavor under the sun that you cannot have a taste of at these two crowd-favorite spots!




• For those who missed relaxation: An invigorating trip to Astoria Current’s spa

We know that some of you still had to either continue working from home or travel to work during the height of the pandemic, which is why a well-deserved trip to the spa is essential. To really soothe those muscles and tension points, you must go through a revitalizing experience at Astoria Current! There is nothing else that you truly deserve more than a lulling massage and an alleviating visit to the sauna.





• For those who missed swimming: Astoria Palawan’s Palawan Waterpark

Just like what they always say, it is always summer somewhere – and that is particularly true at Palawan Waterpark by Astoria Palawan! With its hair-raising slides, funky-colored decorations, and massive swimming pools, every kid and young-at-heart who dares to step into this high-spirited haven will truly be in for an electrifying ride! Make every moment count, one splash at a time!




As you can see, we can all still enjoy the final remaining weeks of this year! Unlike those shady companies or timeshare scams, you can never really run out of fun activities and memorable experiences to try out with your loved ones if you are a member of AVLCI, the best vacation club in the Philippines.

We are very excited to be back, and we are hoping to see all of you once again!


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