3 Amazing Places Where You Can Use Your AVLCI Membership

January 3, 2023

Written by AVLCI

Congratulations! You have finally signed up for a vacation ownership with Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI)! We know you are excited to travel and to try new and exciting activities!

But where to go first, you ask? Worry not, vacation club member, for we have listed the places where you can get the most out of your timeshare ownership benefits. The Astoria Hotels and Resorts properties are chock-full of relaxation and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else. And that is for the Philippines alone.

On to the list!


The best Boracay shoreline views can be found around Station 1. And the best beachfront hotel for that, of course, is Astoria Boracay. This resort is located in the popular White Beach, where everyone is busy chilling under the sun. If you are celebrating a special occasion, look no further as Astoria Boracay is also equipped to make your event the most memorable one in the island. The best part? You can use your exclusive discount on banquets, too!

Nothing beats a good Boracay beach view while dining al fresco at White Café. Relish both local and international flavors as you choose from a wide variety of delish dishes! Once you have eaten your heart out, head on over to the cozy loungers by the pool, where you can read a book, listen to your vacation playlist, or just plain doze off to the relaxing sound of the waves.






If it is relaxation and peace you are looking for, then Astoria Boracay is for you. But if you are a traveler thirsting for activities, adventures, and everything hip, then Astoria Current is the perfect place! You are bound to discover the best sights, smells, and sounds of Station 3 here. We promise – the most fun you can have at a Boracay beach resort can be found at Astoria Current!

Satisfy your appetite with continental flavors at Parasol. Imagine dining with a perfect beachfront view of Boracay, with the waves beckoning you to come out and play. For afternoon cravings, Citrine Lounge is there for you with a la carte meals and super tangy chillers—perfect for that quick cool-off! And at night, gather your old and newfound friends at Stratos Bar to chill the night away with drinks and live music.




If you are up for a cultural adventure, then Bohol should be on your list. Astoria Bohol Lantawan sits on the picturesque Barangay Taguihon in Baclayon. This resort boasts of privacy and tranquility, perfect for the discerning AVLCI member.



Want to know where else you can make use of your membership? Check out the second part of our list HERE.

As you can see, being an AVLCI member has its perks. A lot, actually, as members can choose from a wide range of Astoria Hotels and Resorts properties. And this is just for the Philippines alone. Because AVLCI is an affiliate of RCI, you can also exchange your weeks abroad.

If you are still not a member because you are scared that those malicious Club Astoria reviews are real, fret not! Because as long as you are with AVLCI, you are safe and far from vacation club scams!

Ready to pack those bags? Let’s go!


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