7 Exotic Asian Destinations That are Worth Visiting (Part 2)

July 25, 2023

Written by AVLCI

The world may be available for viewing at our smartphones, but for one to literally visit a different country or place for the first time is an ephemeral yet awe-inspiring experience.

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There are a lot of places to visit in Asia alone. That is why we have listed down 7 lesser-known yet amazing destinations that you should not miss! You can find the first three places in our article here. Now, let’s get on with our list.

Negombo, Sri Lanka.

For anyone looking for some peace and quiet, it would be a good idea to head out to Negombo in Sri Lanka. Situated just north of the capital, Negombo is home to Sri Lanka’s first beach resorts and cinnamon production companies. Like most places in Sri Lanka, Negombo has its share of colonial influence, and it clearly shows in the Dutch architecture.

Negombo is a favored tourist destination since it is close to Bandaranaike International Airport. From there, one can immediately go sightseeing – from visiting the quiet and quaint fishing village and Negombo Beach Park to the history-rich Dutch Fort and Kelaniya Buddhist Temple.

Photo by Florian Wehde


Hokkaido, Japan.

Tokyo and Kyoto have been enjoying the spotlight and attention from tourists for so long that it is easy to overlook the truth that there are less-known places worth discovering in Japan!
Take Hokkaido, for instance. This northernmost part of Japan boasts of the freshest produce that breathes life into its delectable cuisine. Ramen, for example, has different soup bases expertly made in four different areas of Hokkaido. Snow lovers will also be delighted to experience a different kind of winter in Hokkaido, especially in February, when the Sapporo Snow Festival is being held. Hundreds of snow sculptures are spread over 3 sites: Susukino, Tsudome, and Odori Park.

Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo, is also home to the beer museum named eponymously after it. Aside from the ramen and snow sculpture adventures, places like the Nijo Market and the Shiroi Koibito Park should also be visited!

Photo by Shitota Yuri


Aklan, Philippines.

For Filipinos, Aklan is synonymous to sunny and fun Boracay, but not known to some are the other eye-candy spots this province has to offer. For people wanting to do away with the crowd, a visit to Hinugtan beach is worth the boat ride from Boracay. Hinugtan’s white sand, coconut trees, and amazing mountain view are best seen from the nipa huts built along the shoreline.

For those seeking a quiet and refreshing hike, Hacienda Maria is the answer. The long walk is worth it as one is rewarded with sights of captivating waterfalls and awesome caves. As the ultimate ender to the hike, visitors are rewarded with a dip at a “hot pot jacuzzi.” A different experience indeed!

Photo by Basak Ar


Singapore, Singapore.

Surprised to see Singapore in the list? Yes, it may seem unreal, but there is actually a lot more to do in Singapore than meets the eye! For starters, check out the Smith Marine Floating Kelong Restaurant. It is a seafood lover’s dream spot where you can enjoy the restaurant’s aquaculture farm. You are also allowed to catch your own dinner here!

Speaking of farms, you would also be delighted to visit Bollywood Veggies at the Kranji Countryside. This sprawling organic farm features vegetables and fruits as far as the eye can see. It offers a unique farm-to-table experience where you also get to learn how to create your own dishes.

For nature and history buffs, Fort Canning Park is the top-of-mind destination. Situated in central Singapore, this park is originally known as Bukit Larangan or “Forbidden Hill” in Malay. Today, it is loaded with historical artifacts, greenery, and even a boutique for people to comb through.

Photo by John Marvin de Jose

So, where shall your first destination be?
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