4 Corporate Chic Outfits for Your Next Big Meeting

June 23, 2022

Written by AVLCI

Whenever there is a big meeting coming up, most of us tend to get a little bit paranoid and scared. While we cannot really deny the fact that it is a nerve-wracking feeling to execute a presentation in front of a group of intimidating higher-ups, we should not let the pressure get the better of us. Unlike those timeshare frauds out there who have nothing up their sleeves but one scheme after another (such as those fake Astoria scam allegations!), we should always have that sense of grace under pressure and professionalism knowing that what we are presenting is the real deal.

Also, aside from doing our part in preparing everything that needs to be done for the big meeting, it is also important for us to look smart and confident. After all, it is the least we could do to hide our nervousness, right?

In order for you to calm your nerves, you can read through our fashion tips and tricks below so that you can also prepare the perfect corporate yet chic outfit for the big day. Just choose which of these four styles suits you best, and you will surely ace that big meeting!

  • Rock a feminine look with neutral, earthy tones.

If you are into a minimalist type of style but still want to stay on trend, you can go for a look that has a touch of neutral colors. Like black and white, earthy tones like brown and beige are very easy to pair with almost anything! You can match them with a smoky eye makeup look with specks of bronze and nude tones, then simply let your hair down in a sleek, straight style.


  • Go for matching business outfits with your partner.

If there will be two of you doing the presentation, you and your partner can go for a cute matching look! How about neutral-colored or chic patterned suits? The both of you will surely catch the eyes of everyone in the boardroom. It is an interesting trend, but surely one that will never go out of style!


  • Elevate your ensemble with your favorite “terno.”

Photo by @cullaedward

It has always been a trend in the Filipino fashion culture to match certain pieces of clothing that have the same color. This style is called “terno,” which literally translates to “matching clothes.” For your next big meeting, you could easily apply this fashion trick by pairing your pants with a same-colored blazer.


  • White is always right.

Photo by @realdaniellaaa

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a white polo or blazer. Elevate the look with fun prints and patterns. It is a classic look, one you could accentuate with your favorite accessories. You could simply let your hair down or tie it up for a fiercer look. Just add a pair of killer heels for ladies or dress shoes for the ‘gents to seal the deal!

Now, have you thought of which of these corporate chic styles suits you and your taste the best? We assure you that whichever you end up choosing and wearing to your big meeting, you will not only look your best but will end up doing your best as well! We believe in you!


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