The Humans of Astoria: Where We’ll Travel to After This Lockdown

June 4, 2020

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Each true-blue traveler has his own list of hacks when planning for a trip. While some are rather unconventional, others have already been proven effective time and time again, like booking vacations ahead. This tried and tested trick not only prevents unnecessary stress but can also save you time and money.

If you’re like most of us, you already had your vacations for 2020 finalized. Plane tickets were already booked, and hotel rooms were already reserved. But COVID-19 suddenly came barging in, putting the entire plan on hold. Don’t worry, we know exactly how you feel!

While we await the reopening of the travel industry, let’s make new and better plans for the coming months! Not sure where to start? We asked our team where they plan to go to once this lockdown is over. We hope you can find inspiration from us here!

“I plan to support the local tourism economy by travelling locally to Palawan, Bohol, Siargao, and other beautiful islands in the Philippines. By shopping local goods, visiting local tourist spots, and supporting our Filipino craftsmen, we can help uplift each other while learning so much more about our rich culture. I am excited to explore more of our gorgeous country!” – Jackie


Photo by Cris Tagupa


“My travel bucket list used to be filled with foreign destinations but witnessing how hard the local tourism has been hit by COVID-19 made me want to prioritize our country’s best-kept secrets like Romblon, Iloilo, and Siargao! I’m in dire need of vitamin sea!” – Irene


Photo by Alejandro Luengo


“I believe that our economy truly suffered because of this pandemic, which is why I would like to give back through my own, little way by choosing to travel around the Philippines. My family and I have always wanted to go to Cebu and Davao, and I believe that going to those places is also an opportunity for us to support our very own local enterprises and businesses. There is always more to see in the Philippines, after all!” – Gella


Photo by Zany Jadraque


“After this pandemic, I want to visit our local church and personally attend our Sunday service. I also want to push through with my postponed beach trip to La Union and our family getaway to Boracay for my brother’s graduation celebration. We deserve to have a great time with our loved ones, but we need to be more vigilant.” – Cha

Photo by Lance Lozano

“Aside from church, I also plan to visit Astoria Palawan, Astoria Boracay, Astoria Current, and my aunt’s place in Siargao.” – Jarric


“For me, I want to go to all my favorite Korean restaurants and ramen places. I also want to visit my family members and be with my friends. Hopefully, we can roam around parks and museums again, or anywhere close to nature.” – Mau


Photo by Ejay Batanes

“I’m planning to catch up with friends in the metro and visit my boyfriend’s family in Iloilo after this pandemic. I will also take a side trip to the beach while we’re there! We’ve been craving for a beach trip even before the ECQ!” – Ash


Photo by June Famur Jr.

“After this pandemic, I will go to church with my family, spend time with my friends, and eat all our favorite food like chicken wings, milk tea, seafood, and Korean dishes! I will also go to the beach.” – Belle


Photo by Miriam Oh

“2 months of self-quarantine gave me the time to make a list. I would love to visit Boracay again and see firsthand the ‘cleaner’ version of the place, as well as take my kid to Palawan’s only (and best!) waterpark in Astoria Palawan.” – Yas


Photo by Ramon Kagie

“After this pandemic, I would like to resume our cancelled vacation to either Singapore or South Korea. I would also like to revisit my go-to places such as our church, SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, and my favorite milk tea shops.” – Gen


Photo by Hu Chen

COVID-19 may have hindered us from exploring the Philippines and our neighboring countries this year, but we can still go on that much-needed trip as soon as this lockdown is over. If you are a member of the leading vacation club in the country, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), rest assured that your dream destinations are still within your reach! We can’t wait to reopen our doors to be able to provide you with memorable vacations and unparalleled hospitality!

If you are not yet a member of AVLCI, then what are you still waiting for? Why entertain those shady agents (some are just timeshare frauds in plain sight!), when you can join the Philippines’ biggest vacation club? Send us a message here to know more!

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