The Humans of Astoria: What This ECQ Program Has Taught Us

May 27, 2020

Written by AVLCI

COVID-19 came out of nowhere. Although we have already battled – and defeated – similar viruses before, it’s safe to say that COVID-19 is one we did not see coming.

As of writing time, the Philippine government just eased some of its restrictions in the National Capital Region, putting all of the main cities under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) Program until May 31, 2020.

This entire period – from what was then known as Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to now MECQ – gave us the opportunity to take a step back and reflect. We asked some of our teammates to share the biggest lessons they have learned throughout this ordeal. We listed them down below:

“Always plan ahead for the worst-case scenario, even as it is unfolding. Having a strong financial plan in terms of savings, a health plan with insurance, and contingency plans for the family are crucial elements in surviving the worst of times. Be prudent in investments and be focused on conserving resources, while sharing with others in need what you can spare. The most important lesson of all for me was that family truly comes first. Spending months of quality time together has been a great and rare joy and the blessed silver lining in a less than ideal situation.” – Jackie

“I guess the biggest lesson COVID-19 taught me is the importance of preparation. This pandemic came like a thief in the night, and we’re left to make do with what we have. Now I understand why my parents and grandparents were so eager to teach me the importance of saving for rainy days because you’ll never really know when a crisis like this will hit.” – Irene


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“Aside from the importance of having an efficient healthcare system, I believe that this pandemic also taught us the value of privilege. Being privileged is never a problem, but it does become one when you do not use it to extend help to those in need. Regardless of the situation around us, we must keep in mind that we should always pay it forward – whenever, however, and to whomever we can.” – Gella

“The lesson that I learned from this ECQ is that having an emergency fund will save you from everything. Plus, maximizing your time to hone a new skill might lead you to greater opportunities.” – Cha


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“This pandemic showed me the beauty of traveling and writing. I used to take traveling for granted. I thought I could go whenever I wanted, but that’s not always the case. During my days off, aside from playing games, I also developed a passion for writing short stories!” – Jarric

“I realized how fortunate I am with what I have right now, especially being safe and healthy. I also realized that we tend to neglect what we have and that connection with family and friends is important for our sanity. Plus, Mother Nature doesn’t need us to grow. It’s us that’s dependent on her.” – Mau


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“Appreciate what you have and what you’re getting. Some people don’t have a choice: either they get sick due to hunger or get sick because they must go out and work to be able to feed themselves. Before making a comment on how other people should act during the situation, check your privilege. If you have the opportunity to help others, do so. You may not have many resources, but others have nothing at all.” – Ash

“During this ECQ, I realized the weight of humanity, the implications of our actions, and how we are all intertwined. Staying connected with those who are important in our lives is necessary in these trying times, and that times like these are important for self-reflection and personal discovery.” – Belle

“I learned how to plan ahead. COVID-19 taught me to assess situations and how it can influence my decision-making, not only for my family but for the industry I connected to. It has also taught me how to acclimatize and accept that this “new normal” is the beginning of a different phase.” – Yas


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“I have realized that everything in this world is indeed temporary, just like the tangible things that we have right now. We must know how to prioritize and value what really matters in life, like our devotion to God, the time we spend with our loved ones, and the positive actions that we can do to inspire and transform other people’s lives.” – Gen

In this period of uncertainty, you might be asking yourself as an Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) member, “What will happen to my investment?” After all, times like these teach us the importance of preparation and being wise when it comes to how we handle money.

We understand that you might be worried, but rest assured that the company is a financially strong organization. Because it is part of a privately-owned conglomerate with a strong diversified business presence in different industries, such as steel manufacturing and mass housing, AVLCI can manage the ensuing effects of COVID-19. Ultimately, it means your investment with AVLCI is, and will always remain, intact. This is one of the things a legitimate vacation club like ours can guarantee you that timeshare frauds cannot.

If you have any questions about AVLCI or if you would like to know how to join, just send us a message here:


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