3 Central American Destinations That You Should Not Miss Out On

March 7, 2023

Written by AVLCI

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Are those feet of yours itching to travel the world once more? How about Central America for a change? This region is teeming with so many destinations to choose from and offers different adventures that you can try. Be it backpacking, diving, or just plain exploring, Central America has your itinerary covered. Check out this list we have come up with to know three of the spots you must stop at when you visit the area!

Costa Rica

If you happen to be a big coffee lover or if you just want to discover more about everyone’s go-to drink, then you should explore Costa Rica. There, you can take a coffee tour and learn how their beans are grown, selected, and grounded. Theirs give off a subtle chocolatey taste that even non-caffeine junkies fall in love with! Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss it! Also, Costa Rica is a haven for nature lovers. Travelers will never run out of places to visit – from beaches and mountains to forests!

Photo by Berti Benbanaste



Is diving one of your greatest interests? Then this Central American spot is the perfect destination for you. Belize is famous among divers and snorkelers alike since the second longest barrier reef in the world is located here. It boasts of amazing marine life that will surely make you realize the beauty of nature from down under. Would you dare to dive in and be one with the sea? Or would you prefer to see it from above through a fly-over tour?


Photo by Colter Olmstead



A destination always becomes more significant because of its rich historical background. That’s why if you are a big history buff whose dream is to see one of the best preserved foreign metropolises in the world, then you should definitely go to Guatemala. Some of the tourist spots that should be on your itinerary are the breathtaking Mayan ruins of Tikal, turquoise pools of Semuc Champey, and peaceful Lake Atitlan.


Photo by Jimmy Baum


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