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What are Vacation Clubs and Why Should I Join One

What are Vacation Clubs and Why Should I Join One?

Written by:   AVLCI / August 5, 2021

Travel trends continue to grow, and most companies from the hospitality industry have learned to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers. By creating vacation clubs, people are given the option and flexibility to customize their vacation experience. Of course, to the untrained eye, some benefits may seem too good to be true, and […]

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How Vacation Clubs Have Changed the Game

Written by:   AVLCI / July 28, 2021

It all began with an idea to reform the way people vacation and view timeshare ownership. Timesharing has been around for decades, but its appeal has dwindled recently due to its primeval and limited privileges. Most timeshares – but not all – are expensive and carry some risks depending on the developer you choose. The […]

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The Difference Between Legitimate AVLCI And Timeshare Frauds

Written by:   AVLCI / July 14, 2021

Since 2006, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI) has been providing the dream holiday vacations of over 25,000 members. Having been in the hospitality industry for the past 14 years, this vacation club in the Philippines has proven to be so effective that a referral program has been implemented and added in the process. […]

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The Difference Between Timeshares and Vacation Clubs: Are Both Scams?

Written by:   / July 6, 2021

At Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc., we usually get inquiries from people asking if AVLCI is a timeshare company or a vacation club. Maybe you are just curious or want to know more before signing up for a membership. We understand that your curiosity also comes with caution, as you have probably stumbled upon […]

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