Month: January 2024

Why People Think Timeshare is a Scam: 5 Perks That are Too Good to be True

Written by:   AVLCI / January 31, 2024

It is easy to get caught up in our usual routines. From working around the clock from Monday to Friday, and running errands during the weekends, the list of things to do hardly gives us time to pause and relax. This is where traveling comes in. Going on a vacation is our way of taking […]

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Where to Spend Holidays with Your Loved Ones

Written by:   AVLCI / January 8, 2024

New holiday adventures, such as exciting gastronomic journeys and private retreats, are in the cards for you this season. Though you can enjoy a lot of exclusive perks and discounts as a member of the leading vacation club in the Philippines, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc. (AVLCI), we understand that choosing only one (or […]

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