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3 Must-Visit Local Destinations for Families

Written by:   AVLCI / February 28, 2020

The year is quickly coming to a close, and as a vacation club member here in the Philippines, there is no better way for you to welcome 2020 than to start planning for your next family getaway! Yup, we want to give you something to look forward to next year!   Before the actual planning […]


6 Places You Should Visit in 2020 with RCI

Written by:   AVLCI / February 24, 2020

There is no doubt that we have a lot of thrilling experiences to look forward to this year, but nothing else comes close to the excitement that we feel when we are planning for our next vacation!     Thankfully, since AVLCI is affiliated with RCI, which is the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in […]


Why IDK Should Be Your Next Date Destination

Written by:   AVLCI / January 13, 2020

Looking for the perfect place to take your date is almost as difficult as asking them out. There are just too many factors to think about and to consider… Is the food good enough? Is the ambience romantic? Is the service top-notch? Thankfully, we know just the right restaurant in Tagaytay suited for all of […]


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