Month: January 2020

Why IDK Should Be Your Next Date Destination

Written by:   AVLCI / January 13, 2020

Looking for the perfect place to take your date is almost as difficult as asking them out. There are just too many factors to think about and to consider… Is the food good enough? Is the ambience romantic? Is the service top-notch? Thankfully, we know just the right restaurant in Tagaytay suited for all of […]


4 Perks of Having A Vacation Ownership

Written by:   AVLCI / January 9, 2020

Efficiency. Convenience. Relaxation. These are just some of the many things that we all want to experience whenever we plan for a well-deserved getaway, either for ourselves or with our families and loved ones. We can all agree that taking even just a quick breather from the daily hustle and bustle of life would mean […]

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