Month: April 2020


The Ultimate Boracay Guide for AVLCI Members

Written by:   AVLCI / April 29, 2020

Our favorite time of the year is just around the corner! That’s why we’ve come up with an ultimate must-do guide for our vacation club members if they have Boracay on top of their list this coming summer season. Conquer your fear and turn it into a memorable experience. Take your Boracay escapade to a […]

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The Timeshare Scam, Part Two: 3 More Red Flags to Watch Out For

Written by:   AVLCI / April 23, 2020

Holiday… celebrate! Anytime you go on a vacation, it should be an easy and breezy relaxing experience. Vacation club memberships provide these kinds of getaways, so you and your family can focus on quality bonding time while enjoying the sights and sounds of your chosen destination. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in our previous blog, “The […]

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Timeshare Scam: How Do Timeshare Frauds Work?

Written by:   AVLCI / April 21, 2020

When we think about the word “vacation,” we can all agree that a series of exciting plans and fun experiences immediately come to our minds. Breathtaking beaches, calming sunsets, delectable meals, and cozy suites are just some of the many enticing ideas that we associate it with. Unfortunately, some people equate “vacation” with something more […]

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The Best Pasalubongs to Take Home from Your Travels

Written by:   AVLCI / April 14, 2020

Be it a native delicacy, a small trinket, or just photos and videos from your vacation, souvenirs give us a feeling of nostalgia and remind us of how incredible a destination was. That’s why we’ve come up with a quick list of pasalubongs from the Philippines’ top destinations that you can take home for your […]

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The Timeshare Scam, Part One: 3 Red Flags to Watch Out For

Written by:   AVLCI / April 14, 2020

For the aquaholics and beach babies, vacation club memberships are a wonderful investment to make! If you and your family experience a sense of wanderlust and long to vacation where there is sand, sea and surf, then a timeshare membership is the right membership for you. However, just as in any industry, there are unscrupulous […]

Tags: astoria vacation club inc scam, avlci scam, timeshare scam, vacation club scam,

The Timeshare Myth, Debunked: Club Astoria Was a Scam 

Written by:   AVLCI / April 8, 2020

Did you know that before it was called Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club, Inc., that AVLCI went by another name in the past? It’s true! The company’s first incarnation was as Club Astoria more than decade ago. In 2006, after the Astoria Group put up the first two properties of Astoria Plaza and Astoria Boracay, […]

Tags: astoria scam, Astoria Vacation and Leisure Club scam, Club Astoria scam, timeshare scam,

Vacation Clubs: Are They Worth It or Are They Just Another Scam?

Written by:   AVLCI / April 1, 2020

Most people love to travel. You may probably have a colleague at work who is saving up for that dream vacation to Boracay, Palawan or even abroad for some much-needed R&R – and you probably do too! You may also have experienced doing an itinerary research and encountered offers in the internet especially from vacation […]

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